two women standing near green plants and string lights during daytime

Embrace the Amalfi Coast dressing this summer!

two women standing near green plants and string lights during daytime

Warmer weather makes us want to go on a beachside picnic with our friends, complete with Aperol Spritz and bright, flowing dresses. If you feel the same way, you are in luck – at least on fashion. Amalfi Coast dressing is the hottest trend this summer. This involves embracing floral prints that look like tiles from Italy, as well any other items that include a lemon.

Although we don’t know why or when our favorite fashion stores and shops decided to go all-in on this very specific aesthetic, we aren’t complaining. These designs bring us joy whether we are wearing them on a long-awaited vacation, or going to work.

We’ve compiled a list of Amalfi Coast-inspired outfits and other items that you can shop.

It’s all about the Blue Printed Dress

You can choose anything floral, or something that looks like artwork or Italian tiles. This look is exemplified by Reformation’s Violet Dress.

And Anything with Lemons

Citrus is perhaps the best representation of the Amalfi Coast. You don’t have to wear a fully printed dress. Statement earrings, such as this pair by LPA, can help you incorporate lemons into your outfit.

Long, breezy dresses are here!

Think Coastal Vacation instead of Coastal Grandma. This is a slightly more expensive option, but it’s still great for relaxing and kicking back, much like Drew Barrymore’s Giambattista Valli maxi.

Pants work, too

You can wear a classic Anne Hathaway-approved combination of wide-leg jeans and a crisp white shirt. But, you can spice it up with more elevated pieces like block-heeled sandals or a patchwork jacket. This styling option is combined with the blue print of Lack of Color’s Holiday Bucket.

Add some style to your look with drop earrings

Amalfi Coast Dressing’s beauty is its simplicity. However, it has some fancy elements, such as drop earrings. This styling option can give a summer outfit an extra boost, especially if you choose metallic earrings like Mignonne Gavin’s Madeline earrings.

Slip on a knotted headband

You can also make one with a bandana by knotting it at its top. This gives off a relaxed vacation vibe, and it can help floral clothing not feel too formal.

Hats are a must when it comes to Amalfi Coast Dressing

This is the ultimate summer accessory! Add a straw wide-brim to your outfit, even if you don’t plan on going to the beach.

Add some style to your look with sandals

Dolce Vita’s basic strappy pair is the best, but white sneakers or espadrille wedges can be great choices.

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