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Avoid these mistakes with Essential Oils

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Natural is not always 100% safe. Essential oils can pose a risk to your health. A specialist has provided some guidelines on what mistakes to avoid.

The names of essential oils suggest natural home remedies, and these are true. These essential oils are extremely concentrated and contain hundreds of active molecules, according to Jean-Charles Sommerard (pestilator and aromatologist), author of 12 books and a collaboration with Michel Faucon (Doctor of Pharmacy and aromatologist).

He explained that 100 kilos is required to make essential oils of 700 grams. To ensure a positive experience, it is important to be cautious. These are seven common mistakes essential oils can make.


It is not enough to just pick up a book and follow the instructions for perfect essential oil use. Referring to an aromatherapist, pharmacist, or aromatologist is better. The eco-perfumer stated that it is better to seek advice from people who are experienced in the field and follow the prescribed dosages.

Use them in the right way

Be aware of these precautions. You can apply a single drop of oil to the skin to treat a bite from a mosquito. It is important to be careful. People with allergies should perform a test. Apply a drop of water to the forearm and observe how the skin reacts. They can continue if nothing happens after 15 minutes.

Essential oils such as clove, cinnamon, clove, laurel, oregano can cause allergic reactions or even be considered dermo-caustic. It is important to dilute essential oils with vegetable oil or another fatty substance. Jean-Charles Sommerard suggested that olive oil could be used to do the trick. Experts even suggested that you “get familiar” with essential oils by inhaling a few drops on a handkerchief. This will “wake up the senses.” After each manipulation, wash your hands.

No sun

Photo-sensitizing oils are some oils from the citrus family. Avoid sun exposure after application. The specialist said, “In the case of clear skins I would not take any risk.”

Anointing yourself during pregnancy

Avoid baths and massages using essential oils while pregnant or breastfeeding. Because they are gentler, floral waters or aromatic hydrolats can be more appropriate during times of increased sensitivity. Jean-Charles Sommerard clarified that water is added to essential oils during distillation, resulting in a lower concentration of active ingredients, ranging from 0.05 to 0.1%.

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