woman sitting beside table using laptop

Business people share their best work from home advice

woman sitting beside table using laptop

Condeco Software’s Modern Workplace Report found that 41% of employers offer remote work options. However, this number has increased rapidly as more people are forced to work from home.

Although it can be stressful to have your routine changed, it is possible to make work at home more enjoyable and productive. Many entrepreneurs have started their business from home and have worked hard to develop effective strategies that help them stay on track.

Here are 10 successful people who share their tips for making the most of working remotely.

Make a space that is peaceful

“My best advice is to make sure you have a place that allows you to focus fully on your work. As many people, I spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen and am very sensitive to where my eyes are. It has been very important for me to create a small island in my house that is serene and simple. The rest of the house can be noisy and messy with two children at home. When I am on conference calls, I ensure that my view from my desk and my background are calm and pleasant. It also makes it easier to keep others energized when they don’t have to visual battle with my background.” — Ida Tin (CEO and co-founder Clue)

Take breaks

“I do a variety of activities during breaks to keep my mind sharp throughout the day. Headspace is my meditation app. Sometimes, I will write down a list with 10 things I am grateful for. To clear my mind, I will also go for a walk on my own. You can also call your loved ones to ask how they are doing. Lastly, I try and be of service to someone else, whether it is a friend, or a stranger.” — Kevin Miller founder and CEO of The Word Counter

Set up a “worry window”

“I started to use a worry window each day. I write down all my worries in a journal for 15 minutes each day. When my mind wanders into negative territory during work, I remind my self to put those thoughts off until the scheduled worry window. All my worries and fears are allowed to be indulged for 15 minutes each day. Then, I return to the streets. It has greatly improved my mental health, and performance.” -Priscila Martnez, founder and CEO at The Brand Agency

Establish a routine

“Get up at the same hour every day, take a shower, or do whatever you normally do in the morning. Then get to work at the desk the same time as a worker in your industry. This will help you stay on track with your professional hours. If you need to attend a meeting or take a video conference, you won’t have to interrupt your day by getting dressed.” Susan von Seggern, founder of SvS PR

Before you go to work, meditate

“Every morning I get up at 5:15 am to listen to Deepak Chopra (the soul and healer meditations) while I take in the sunrise. Then I do five minutes of breathing exercises. This practice helps me to approach each day calmly and relaxed.” Josephine Musco, founder of Olyxir

Make a to-do list

“I feel most inspired and motivated in mornings (after having mycoffee), so I make a list of my goals and tasks for the day before I start work. It is easy to get distracted by email and other distractions so it helps me stay focused.” Monica Watson, founder of Berlin Skin

Enjoy a few days of relaxation

“We are not robots, for better or worse! It is important to not ‘hustle’ or ‘grind’ all day, even or especially during times of uncertainty or stress. This could have a negative impact on your health. Each month, I schedule three to four half-days. I will take the morning to snuggle with my children and watch a movie. The afternoon will be spent deep-conditioning and braiding my hair. Another half-day will be used to learn a new recipe or Zoom with a friend. These breaks give me something I look forward to and are incredibly relaxing.” Adiya Dixon founder of Yubi

Limit your phone usage

“To avoid being distracted by social media, text messages and memes, set aside two to three hours per day to use Airplane Mode on your phone. This will allow your focus to be solely on the project at hand.” Tracy Sandler CEO of Fangirl Sports Network

Get dressed

“Studies have shown that how we dress can impact our feelings. Even though I have no video meetings, I make an effort to dress up and apply some makeup. I feel happier and more like me.” — Nicole Robertson, founder of Swap Society

Create a message board “just for fun” with your coworkers

“Social interaction is an important part of working in an office. However, working remotely can make it more difficult to build that same relationship with colleagues. Establish a private messaging channel for employees and colleagues that can be used for fun discussions and non-work-related topics. It should not get out of control and become a time-waster. However, it can be a great way for your employees and peers to have that “water cooler” feeling and keep spirits up.” –David Adler, founder and CEO of The Travel Secret

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