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What’s the difference between Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette?

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There are many types of perfumes. They differ in their fragrance longevity and scent concentration. Eau de parfum is one type of foundational fragrance, while eau de toilette is another. They are different in terms of their intensity, concentration and longevity. We will discuss the differences between them in this article to help you choose which one is best for you. Continue reading!

The fragrance oil and alcohol content of eau de parfum and eau de toilette are different. The fragrance oil and oil concentrations of them are between 4-8% and 8-15%, respectively. Therefore, eau-de-toilettes are lighter and more fresh than eau de parfums which have richer and more complex fragrances. How long the product’s smell and fragrance will last depends mostly on its oil content.

You might be still wondering which one lasts longer: eau de parfums, or eau-de-toilettes? Let’s see.

Does Eau de Parfum Last Longer Than Eau de Toilette?

Yes, eau de parfum lasts longer than eau de toilette. Because of the high concentrations oil and fragrance, this is possible.

The fragrance notes and the concentration of the fragrance are key factors in the longevity of the perfume. Depending on the fragrance and their diffusion rate in the air, as well as volatility, notes can be classified into top, mid, or base notes. The top notes fade first while the middle notes last slightly longer and the base notes last longest.

We have provided answers to common questions about eau de parfums & eau de toilettes in the following sections to help you better understand their differences.

Do Eau de Parfum And Eau de Toilette Smell The Same?

No. They might not smell the same even  if they have similar fragrance notes. This is due to the differences in fragrance concentrations. Because eau de parfums have a different chemical composition than eau de toilettes the intensity of the fragrance will differ. Eau de parfums have a higher concentration than eau de toilettes, and therefore release more fragrance per spritz. Even though they have the same scent notes, they smell quite different.

Do Eau de Toilettes And Eau de Parfum Ever Expire?

Most perfumes last three to five years. The quality of the ingredients and the method used to prepare perfumes can affect the shelf life. Eau de toilettes will last longer than Eau de parfums due to their higher alcohol content. Fragrances that are not alcoholic lose their intensity more quickly.

Shelf life can also be affected by how the product is stored. The fragrance can be damaged by exposure to oxygen, heat, and light. To prolong the shelf life of your fragrances, keep them in a cool, dark place.

When Should I Use Eau de Toilettes And Eau de Parfums?

It all depends on the environment factors that modulate the senses of smell. The perfume will last longer and travel further when it is heated.

Because Eau de toilettes are lighter in fragrances, they’re better worn during the summer or daytime. They are a great choice for everyday wear because of their lighter, refreshing fragrance. However, eau de parfums can be used in colder months and at night. You will need a strong fragrance because scents dissipate faster in cool evening air.

It is important to properly wear your perfume for the best effect.

How To Apply Eau de Toilettes And Eau de Parfums

It takes a bit more skill to apply perfumes properly. Pay attention to your wrists and neck, behind your knees, ears, inner elbows, and chest. These areas are the warmest and most effective for diffusing the fragrance. Spray, swipe or touch the fragrance. However, you should not rub your wrists with the oil and scent.

Spray the perfume into the air, and then walk in it. A little can be dabbed on to your clothing. Some perfumes can stain.

Tip: A moisturized skin will make the fragrance last longer. Before you spray perfume, moisturize your skin.

You now know the main differences between them. Which one would you choose to follow? You can continue reading if you’re still unsure.

Eau de Toilette Or Eau de Parfum: Which One Is Right For Me?

It all depends on your personal preferences. A long-lasting, intense fragrance is best for you. However, eau de parfums are best if you prefer a more subtle scent for everyday wear. Moreover, eau de toilettes are cheaper than eau de parfums.

Your skin type is another important aspect. Different skin types can have different reactions to the scent and different effects. A person with dry skin might need a stronger fragrance to achieve the desired scent. Due to the high alcohol content, eau-de- toilettes can irritate sensitive skin.

To finish

Eau de parfums & Eau de toilettes have many differences. The one you choose will depend on how strong you want your perfume to be. The scents of both eau de parfums and eau de toilettes will vary, even if they share the same fragrance notes. The way the fragrance is mixed with your natural scent can also affect the final scent. We hope you have gained a better understanding of these two concepts by reading the article.

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