woman wearing gold framed aviator style sunglasses

Dopamine-Fueled Eyes and 5 other trends for 2022

woman wearing gold framed aviator style sunglasses

Celebratory Lipstick

Lipstick saw a rise in popularity last spring as more people removed their face masks to allow for looser COVID restrictions. Eldridge predicts that bold, bright lipsticks will be back in fashion if the pandemic is less severe.

She says, “That’s what’s on my mind — fresh, summery-spring makeup that screams freedom and allowing us to go out into the world and have fun.” She predicts that bright colors like pink, purple and orange will be in fashion in 2019. She recommends Lancome L’Absolu rouge Lipsticks in shades Reve Toujours and Rose Cocktail ($32 each, lancome.com).

Lifted Brows

Kimiko Vincent says that the brow lamination trend is still going strong because lifted eyebrows that open up the eyes look flattering. This trend is more subtle than a soap brow or lamination, which have maximum vertical hairs and can seem two-dimensional.

1960s Fashions

Dominique Lerma, a celebrity makeup artist, stated that she believes that the rise in ’60s makeup styles is due to the fact that most of our faces are partially covered by the masks. It makes perfect sense that the ’60s would be back, as there are so many creative uses for lash and liner.

Multi-Functional Colour Cosmetics

It’s unnecessary to have both an eyelash-growth serum, and mascara. There are many products that do the same thing, and this is what the beauty industry has noticed.

Krupa Koestline, a clean beauty chemist, predicts that there will be more color formulations for foundation, eye makeup and blush.

The New Old-School Blush

The topic of blush placement has been a hot topic on TikTok. Eldridge predicts it will be in an unexpected place in 2022. She says, “In many vintage portraitures, it’s evident that the blush was a bit lower than what we were told, but it still looked quite fresh on our skin.”

Dopamine-Fueled Eyes

Eldridge believes that bold, unexpected colors will be all over this year. “I see so many yellows and purples, pinks, blues, and greens. Colors that were once considered very out-there are now becoming mainstream.”

This is in line with Pinterest’s predictions that bright, happy looks will be the hottest trend. Eldridge recommends that newbies step outside their comfort zones by adding a little color to the inner and outer edges of your eyes to give them a subtle but powerful pop of color. She adds, “It always looks so nice und fresh.”

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