person holding rectangular white photo frame standing on rock formation near body of water

DIY Upholstered Frames

person holding rectangular white photo frame standing on rock formation near body of water

Upholstering frames with fabric is surprisingly easy – as long as take your time with it. And with all the gorgeous fabrics out there in the world, it’s literally impossible to make just one. I dare you!

Here is all You’ll Need:

  • cotton fabric
  • light-color frame
  • fabric shears
  • ruler
  • pencil
  1. Cut the fabric so that its dimensions exceed those of the frame by at least 3-4 inches on each side. Glue the front side only with a fan brush. Turn the frame upside down and line the frame up against the back of the fabric. Press the frame down firmly against the fabric. Allow it to dry for a few minutes.
  2. Using the ruler, draw a square with the dimensions equal to that measurement. So if the thickness of the frame is 3/4″, then draw a square 3/4″ x 3/4″ – with the outside corner touching the outside corner of the frame. Do this on all four corners.Then go back and draw a diagonal line through the square and extending past the square. Repeat on all 4 sides and then cut along the lines and around the squares.
  3. With the scissors, snip along the inside face of the square. You’ll make 4 cuts in the exact same position. Fold up each side of the fabric, stretching it over the backside of the frame.
  4. Now that all the edges are trimmed to size, you can finish gluing. 

  5. When the sides are glued, you can glue the backside – one side at a time.

  6. Now for the front of the frame. Use your scissors and poke a hole in the front of the frame. Cut toward the corner at a 45 degree angle. Repeat on all 4 sides. Then working one side at time, glue the inner edges.

  7. And you’re done!! Have fun experimenting.

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