two red cherry fruits on white surface

DIY Cherry Bracelet that everyone can do!

two red cherry fruits on white surface

Nothing is better than seeing the first signs that summer is here at the market. Peaches and cherries are a household favourite! Even if summer is almost over, let’s try to prolong it a bit and make a cherry bracelet. It’s super easy and can be incorporated in a variety of ways! Deep red, green and delicate freshwater pearls: that’s all what we need.

Cut a piece of elastic beading cord. Fold a piece of tape over the tail end of the cord, leaving 3-4 inches at the end. It’s a must to have enough cord leftover to tie the bracelet in a double knot when finished. And whether its with pearls or seed beads, you’ll want to divide the cherries with some spacer beads. So thread on some beads before making the cherry cluster.

When it’s time and place to make a “cherry” add one green and 2 red seed beads. Thread the end of the elastic through the green bead – from the start of the bracelet towards the end. While holding the green bead in place with your fingers, pull the end of the elastic until it’s taut. Your cherry is ready!

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