person sitting on rock near waterfalls during daytime

Director James Wan says ‘Aquaman 2″ is “Heavily Inspired” by the 1960s Film Planet of the Vampires

person sitting on rock near waterfalls during daytime

James Wan teased more details about the highly anticipated Aquaman 2 movie, revealing that the film is heavily inspired by the 1965 classic Planet of the Vampires. “It’s possible to take the horror from the boy, but not the horror from the boy.”

“Planet Of The Vampires” is a fun, Italian sci-fi horror movie from the 1960s. It follows the events of two spaceships colliding with each other. A mysterious planet appears to be home to evil beings that have taken control of the crew’s bodies. Wan said, “Well, that first movie took a lot people by surprise. This is partly because they weren’t familiar with the comic book which depicts this very dark and strange world. People were shocked that I didn’t just throw away all of that stuff and make a dark, serious film. However, I felt that it wouldn’t have been right. Because I have already laid the foundation, it will be easier to accept the direction we are going with the second movie. ”

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom” will be released on December 16, 2022.

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