woman figurine near mirror

Destination Crenshaw is a new cultural center that will enrich the South LA community

woman figurine near mirror

The corridors of the $100m USD project “Destination Crenshaw” will be open in South Los Angeles next year. A powerful new sculpture by Kehinde Wiley is one of the highlights of this 1.3-mile cultural centre. This work is part of his “Rumors of War”, but instead of a Black man riding on horseback, it features a Black woman who rides off into battle.

Wiley’s sculptures, which are a signature of his work, address the racial inequalities that are present in monuments around America and the world. The artist speaks out about the difficulty of representation in statues. He aims to raise awareness for human rights and visible signs of dignity.

Wiley’s sculpture will be located in the Sanfoka park. This is one of four acres of public recreation that includes an amphitheater and over 50 murals as well as 800 trees. This new project has commissioned Wiley as one of seven artists. All of them are related in some way to Crenshaw. Artis Lane and Melvin Edwards are among the other artists.

Destination Crenshaw was founded in 2017 and quickly gained support from many people, including museum directors, city planners, and the late Nipsey Hassle. In an interview with The Times, Jason W. Foster, President, Destination Crenshaw stated that there has never been a “contemporary Black arts project in an urban setting in a public setting” of such magnitude. This center will certainly revitalize the economically marginal Crenshaw community. When Destination Crenshaw opens in fall 2022, seven new works will be displayed in the center.

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