man holding bulb

Olight August Flash Sale Alert

man holding bulb

If you need a solid flashlight with cutting edge features, simple and efficient interfaces, and options to suit your needs large and small, then Olight may have the perfect light for you. Olight offers a variety of colors, including the standard black versions you’d see in other lights. They also regularly release limited edition colorways that add color to your EDC. We’re looking at the latest products from their, which are all on sale and only available while stocks last.

i5T Timascus

The all-white megapack in the header isn’t the only thing in store for collectors this month. The i5T –offering a unique pattern for each of the 2,021 units. This striking, modern interpretation of an old-world metalworking technique is one of the most unique Olight colorways. The i5T is powered by a standard, inexpensive AA battery. It can produce up to 300 lumens on High for 25 minutes with just two clicks of the rubber-covered, mechanical tailswitch. It’s one the most convenient and useful EDC lights that you can carry.

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