1 US dollar banknote

Dango MC01 Titanium Money Clip

1 US dollar banknote

With the rise of online payments and credit cards, carrying cash has become less and less common, which means minimalist wallets have seen a huge rise in popularity. Although Dango has a wide range of minimalist wallets to suit every budget, cash is still an everyday reality for many. Their new product is here to help. This is a storage solution that securely stores your cash, but it’s also lightweight and durable enough to be used for EDC.

It is a two-part construction combining two sections of different metals. The main clip is made from titanium and bolted to a back plate made of CNC-machined 6061 aluminum. This allows for weight savings, while still giving the product strength. The design features a thoughtful cutout that makes it easy for you to grab your cards or grab bills.

And while the might have “Money Clip” in its name, versatility is still the name of the game, so Dango have designed it to be able to carry more than a few cards as well. The main clip can keep your cash safe while also allowing you to store credit cards or ID cards. The clip’s springy nature means that it can be expanded to hold up to 50 bills, and then shrinked to fit only one bill. If all this space is not enough, you can add a silicone band to increase the space. This will allow you to carry around 30 additional bills or 10 cards.

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