white pearl necklace on black textile

Damas Jewellery Presents New Farfasha Collection

white pearl necklace on black textile

A leading jewelry retailer and jeweler in the Middle East Damas has released a new version its famous Farfasha Collection. This collection is a perfect blend of nostalgia and modernity. The House relies on innovation and expertise to celebrate femininity in various ways. Farfasha is a 16-year-old heritage. All women love this collection, no matter their age or lifestyle. Each edition is a tribute to delicate beauty, memorable escapes, and beautiful design.

Damas’ latest edition was crammed with a fresh and new design. Pretty butterflies will land on your neck and delicate flowers will color your wrists. The new Farfasha jewelry collection features a dreamy aesthetic and delicate designs that have been refreshed. They also offer a nostalgic and emotional value that takes us back to the original Farfasha jewelry pieces. This collection is meant to be worn by women all through their lives, so they can find the perfect piece to gift or wear. It is passed on by sisters, mothers, and daughters as a precious keepsake.

The pieces are made to convey effortless elegance, lightness, and positive energy. These pieces emphasize femininity and freedom. They will radiate positivity wherever you go and leave behind a positive energy. The Motifs are inspired by Mother Nature and complimented with pastel gemstones in shiny gold. This collection was inspired by carefree, colorful walks in the natural world.

The yellow desert daisy, also known as Arfaj, is a symbol of the soft, resilient woman. It thrives in the region’s dry desert and brightens everything around it.

The design’s romantic aspect is enhanced by petal-like pleated textures surfaces and colored gemstones like Turquoise and Tourmaline, which are cut in round and marquise shapes.

Farfasha is like a daydream, and it reminds you of every precious and beautiful moment.

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