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All You Need To Know About Dad Bods

We used to encourage you to dress stylishly like a handsome man in the past. We’re now taking it one step further and introducing the dad bod.

You might not be hitting the gym as often or drinking more on weekends while looking after your kids.

The dad bod, a relatively new body type, is described by Urban Dictionary as “softly-round” and has been associated to men such as Leonardo DiCaprio or Jon Hamm. This name is a reflection of the idea that once a man finds a wife (and has a child), he no longer needs to worry about keeping a toned body.

Not a dad? Perhaps you are single, and look at it this way: ‘fatherly’ across your stomach. We’re not here for you to judge your pudge. We do have some styling tips for dads, so you don’t have to eat as many carbs as you would like or spend a lot of money on gym equipment to look great.

Accept the dad body you have earned and embrace it. Learn to look good.

What is the Dad Bod?

Although dadbods can be different, the style exercise today (which isn’t actually an exercise) begins with a clarification warm up. These are the body shapes that dadbods fall into:

  1. Triangle or oval
  2. The triangle gent is not exactly fat. It will be wider around the hips and waist, becoming narrower as you move up towards the shoulders.
  3. The paunch in the middle is more pronounced than the legs and arms.
  4. Oval shapes look rounder, especially in the middle of the body
  5. Beer belly and manboobs are not unusual
  6. Your shoulders and lower legs look slimmer than they do in comparison. However, ovals have larger thighs which give off a more rounded silhouette.

Most off-the-rack clothing is designed to fit the opposite body type, the V-shape. Dad bods, this means you are at a disadvantage when it comes to finding clothes that fit. Underdogs have been known to win. Here’s how.

How to Avoid Dad Bod

Your belly should be the focus of attention. Horizontal stripes and busy prints are not recommended. They emphasize the width of your belly, while busy prints look too much on larger men. Avoid wearing coloured belts. Keep brights and prints for accessories that highlight your more prominent features, such as caps, bags, and sneakers.

Overly tapered ankles and tight fitting clothes are not for you. They emphasize your thick thighs. High-top boots and sneakers for men with shorter legs are best avoided. They cut your shin and make you look smaller and more chunky.

What to wear with Dad Bods

You can reduce the dad bod’s roundness by enhancing the shoulders and slimming down from the chest to the knees. Dad bods are most round in the hips and thigh regions. Straight and tailored trousers give the illusion of balance across your body. Are you still unsure? These are three outfit options that can be worn for both work and weekend.

Suit with Dad Bod

A single-breast suit is the best option for tailoring dadbods. It can be in dark grey, navy, or black. The suit should have classic notch lapels. This suits well with a plain, crisp shirt. The suit length is important. If the sleeves and trousers are too long, it can cause you to look sloppy. If you buy a suit off the rack, you will need it tailored.

The double-breasted suit has been ruled out in terms of cuts. This makes dadbods look bigger through the middle and barrel-chested, particularly if you are a shorter guy. For separates, keep it simple with a navy blazer and khaki trousers. Add some personality to your outfit by adding a pocket square, a striped tie, or coloured socks. These subtle additions show that you are a man. But you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously.

Smart Casual with The Dad Bod

For dad-bod weekend dressing up, choose heavier cotton fabrics and stiffer fabrics. They are more durable and won’t cling. You can wear workwear pieces such as shirt jackets, open button-downs (over a cotton crew neck T-shirt), canvas or waxed jackets. Also, breezy parachute silk windbreakers and bombers are great.

Wear with cotton twill chinos or selvedge jeans. These trousers are more comfortable than heavier casual trousers. Choose a straight-fitted, loosely tapered style in neutral shades. You will notice a slimmer look on your legs if you choose a wide-leg style. A skinny fit makes your pins appear flat and disproportionate. Wear loafers or minimalist sneakers with no socks. This creates space between your foot and ankle.

T-Shirt & Jeans with Dad Bod

A t-shirt and jeans are the best friends of a dadbod. A raglan-sleeve tee is also the best choice for dadbods. They give length to the legs and are a great investment. Avoid cargos. You will want to wear bermuda shorts in summer. They are casual, but tailored, and reach almost to the knee. The hem is an inch higher than the knee. For a relaxed vibe, pair with a linen granddad collar shirt in dark shades, which can be left untucked.

Loose fit board shorts for swimmers are the best choice. They have an elastic waist and a press-stud closure that doesn’t allow for much movement. For those who prefer the water, you can wear a henley shirt in a relaxed fit, with raglan sleeves and flat leather sandals. You should avoid the velcro synthetic type. It will only enhance your ‘dad’ attitude.

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