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Could your Under-Eye Puffiness Be Caused by Eye Cream?

It’s Saturday morning, and you see it: traces of last night’s cocktails all over your face. You look more prominent, and there is Under-Eye Puffiness. Naturally, you will want to apply an eye cream and do a face mask. We support the decision to apply a face mask after a hard night out. However, it is possible that you are applying too much eye cream, which may be the reason your eyes remain puffy all day. Global educator shares the details on what happens to the under-eyes if we use too much eye cream.

close-up photo of persons eye

The Relationship Between the Eyes and Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes (the lower and the upper lids) is similar to tissue paper. When you place a corner of tissue paper in water, the water will absorb the tissue [past where it was submerged]. Hall-Farrise explains that the same thing happens with the under-eye region. The ingredients will absorb up.

What’s So Bad about Excess Eye Cream, Anyway?

Hall-Farrise says that there is very little natural drainage under the lid. Anything heavy can soak into the skin and cause puffiness.

There’s also significant long-term havoc that a heavy eye cream can wreak on your skin. Hall-Farrise says that product can become stagnant and cause puffiness. This can permanently weigh down lower lids, and can drag down the upper lid. You can only get help from a plastic surgeon.

Too thick of an eye cream can also clog your pores. Hall-Farrise explains that if you use too much eye cream, and don’t clean your skin properly, your pores can become clogged. Keratin can buildup and can lead to milia. Milia, unlike other skin blemishes, doesn’t disappear on its own. It should be treated by an expert.

So Should We Just Get Rid of Eye Cream Altogether?

A gel- or water-based cream, or an eye serum, should be sufficient for both your morning routine and evening. Also, don’t be afraid to use your hands or tools for a quick massage to help decrease puffiness. Hall-Farrise says, “If I feel particularly puffy, I will come in with my hands and make a wave movement on the orbital bone. This creates tiny, smooth waves from the inner corner of the outer corner.” This helps with puffiness. If you feel like a day at the spa is in order, gel eye masks and ice globes can provide a luxurious, cooling sensation while reducing any puffiness.

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