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Costa Brazil launches a new fragrance that is sustainable

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Costa Brazil is a beloved brand known for its blend face oils and cult-favourite candles. Now, it has added perfume to their catalogue.

Francisco Costa, former Clavin Klein Creative Director, has launched the first ever perfume of his eco-beneficial beauty brand. It’s a huge hit with its fans.

The new Costa Brazil perfume, named “Aroma”, continues the brand’s commitment to eco-consciousness. It is vegan- and cruelty-free, and contains sustainably sourced ingredients.

It has a pleasant, calming scent of tropical flowers, crushed leaves, and spicy wood.

This is an unisex scent that was inspired by the Amazon’s natural resin. A woody, aromatic eau de parfum containing fresh earth, flowers, and crushed leaves. It reminds you of being in the jungle at dawn.

The unisex scent is marketed as a fragrance for everyone, all, everywhere. It contains mood-boosting phytoncides and stress-reducing phytoncides. This blends white jungle flora with patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver to bring out the Brazilian jungles.

Costa went back to Brazil in 2016 to discover the Amazon rainforest’s natural wonders. He discovered new healing rituals, rare native fruits, and serums, as well as new ingredients.

His explorations led him to a sense of connection to Earth and the elements that all contribute to the Costa Brazil fragrance. Costa Brazil blends the power of nature with Costa’s unmatched eye for beauty to nourish the body and the earth.

Costa Brazil’s minimalist design aesthetic is reflected in the packaging. It arrives in a wooden bottle that is elegant, simple, and sustainable. The glass flacon can be refilled by the buyer, allowing them to reuse and refill the scent.

Costa Brazil will soon release Aroma, a roll-on perfume oil made with Pataua Oil. It is extracted from Seje palms in Amazon. Costa Brazil claims that the oil is rich in vitamin E, A, and oleic acids. It also has skin firming properties.

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