black converse all star high top sneaker

Converse and its 2022’s most ugly sneaker trend

black converse all star high top sneaker

You thought 2010’s ugly sneaker style was dead? Think again. It is still alive and well. Converse’s latest sneaker is a great example of how it can evolve into more questionable forms and reach ever more absurd heights.

The Converse Sponge Crater is a high-tech, foam sneaker that is unexpectedly innovative from Converse, the brand most known for making classic, low-tech canvas basketball sneakers, the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star.

Last week’s launch of the mule-cut sneaker was marked by a foam-sculpted body and a knitted, sock-like, upper. It does not have a traditional outsole. The foam midsole is molded into pods at the sole of each shoe to provide traction.

The foam is Nike Crater Foam (Nike has Converse), which was previously used in sneakers such as the Nike Space Hippie. It also contains Nike Grid, a scrap product that is made from rubber, leather, and textiles. This gives it a gritty look and texture.

It looks very similar to the Yeezy Foam RNRR. The current trend in sneaker design seems to be rubber or foam clogs. Brands like Bottega Veneta and Louis Vuitton are all participating in the foam clog revolution. Converse is the latest trend-follower.

The Converse Sponge Rocket was launched in a limited edition by A-COLDWALL. This tactic has been used by Nike many times to launch new sneakers. For instance, the Air VaporMax was launched with a Comme des Garcons collaboration.

No matter how you feel about these clog-like sneakers. The problem is that it doesn’t look like Converse. This sneaker looks just like a Nike and uses Nike technology. It should probably be called a Nike.

The whole cage design is not clear to us. Although it might be distinctive, making the structure, midsole, and outsole of the same material may have some consequences for durability. What will the durability of this knit and foam sneaker be? This is true for all sneakers with clog-like soles, but the Converse Sponge Crater seems to be particularly volatile.

Converse almost seems to be a victim of its success. Converse has experimented with new designs in the past (e.g. While Converse has experimented with more modern designs).

It’s a paradox: Converse doesn’t make sense of futuristic clog shoes like the Sponge Crater. They’re not as identifiable as Converses… but if Converse doesn’t experiment, they’ll just keep making Chucks. It’s a Catch-22.

Although we might not be big fans of Sponge Craters, we are not opposed to progress. Converse also collaborated with Tyler, the Creator to create more modern-looking sneakers. These include the Gianno and GLF 2.0.

It is not a bad idea to include Nike tech in your sneakers. Have you ever tried on a pair Chucks with a Nike Lunarlon sole? It’s almost like walking on air.

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