person wearing denim jeans and black shoes dangling feet

4 Classic Shoes That Can Be Worn With Everything

person wearing denim jeans and black shoes dangling feet

Let’s admit it: we are easily distracted by all the new. There is not enough talk about timeless, wear-forever, durable shoes. We thought it was high time to pay tribute to the footwear icons in our wardrobes that have been overlooked by the fashion of the month.

There are three benefits to classics. They are timeless, fashionable, and can be worn over and over again. While a classic shoe is not trendy, it can be boldly styled to your liking. In times of uncertainty, it can be incredibly comforting to return to your favorite shoes. These are our top picks for shoes that will last you throughout the season.


Louboutin’s classic heels and Gianvito Rosi’s courts, classic black and skin-toned pumps have been the undisputed champions of the shoe industry. They’re great for any occasion, whether you have a meeting to attend, a formal event to attend, or simply to look professional. Nude shoes will suit all skin tones.


The Little Black Boot is a must-have for all seasons. You can pair it with either tights and tartan in winter or blue jeans and prairie dresses in spring. We have a wide range of styles, from simple lace-ups to Chelseas, that span heritage label Grenson to the most fashionable Prada. You’ll never be disappointed by classic details and sleek silhouettes.


Even the most ardent sportswear skeptics cannot deny the universal appeal and simplicity of a white trainer. It’s all about the basics: soft leather, a comfortable sole, and a sporting look. For retro-inspired styles, Adidas and Prada have you covered. They can be worn with everything from jeans to silky slips.


Loafers are the ideal balance of style and comfort in the age of working remotely. Prada loafers are currently the holy grail, but Alessandro Michele may have some thoughts. We don’t know if we’re going or coming, but we do know that Gucci Jordans look great on everyone.

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