silver-colored ring pendant

Check these 8 brands if you like minimalist jewelry

silver-colored ring pendant

Eleventh House Jewelry

Morgan Dowler, a designer who was raised in Canada’s West Coast but now lives in Toronto, where Eleventh House Jewelry was created. Eleventh House is a symbol of friendship and community from an astrological perspective, which inspired the brand’s name.

Eleventh House offers a variety of minimalist jewelry pieces that are simple, elegant, and clean, like the Paloma Minimalist Necklace in sterling silver (or golden vermeil), ($110) or the Sage Minimalist Rings, ($160).

Jenny Bird

Jenny Bird’s name brand has been noticed by everyone, from Jane Fonda to Celine Dion and Selena Gomez. It is now a major player in fashion jewelry in Canada. She is a self-taught designer, who started her career in fashion with handbags. In 2010, she jumped into jewelry and has never looked back.

Jenny Bird’s minimalist jewelry pieces are modern and cool, which will be something that people will want to reach back for in five years. Foli Minimalist Necklace, $110, and U-Link Minimalist Earrings, $110 are examples of such items.


French for ‘Vrai’ means ‘true’, this fine jewelry company’s mission is to bring diamond jewelry to the world that inspires beauty and change. Vrai’s mission is to sustainably produce its diamonds in North America studios, to reduce its carbon footprint.

These diamonds are the heart of Vrai designs and give each piece shine and glamour. The Hover Solitaire Minimalist Engagement Ring is priced at $1,454, and the Infinity-shaped Duet Minimalist Engagement Ring at $1,760.

Monica Vinader

If you are an Instagram user and follow many female influencers, chances are you’ve seen Monica Vinader on Instagram. The brand’s founder and CEO believed that luxury jewelry should not be expensive, so they made affordable gold vermeil their star jewel.

Monica Viinader jewelry is functional and can be used interchangeably with everyday items. You can find the brand’s approachable jewelry on its website with the $175 Deia Huggie earrings and the $150 Siren Stacking Ring.


SOKO is a laidback and ultra-cool collection of minimalist designs that are made by Kenyan women artisans. The brand’s name is all about strength and the company’s primary goal is to use business to fulfill true purpose, technology, and connection, as they strive to foster long-lasting change.

SOKO hopes to encourage true individualism through timeless, contemporary jewelry like the Safiri Horn Choker Minimalist Necklace ($98), and the Uzi Mini Hoop Earrings ($88).


Jameel Mohammed’s artistic and hardworking mind is the inspiration behind Khiry. When he was studying political science at Penn, he encountered a company that believed luxury designer goods could only be found in Paris or Milan. He discovered that this was false through internships and his own research. Khiry was born from these experiences.

Khiry uses a lot of sterling silver and gold vermeil. This combines artistry with craftsmanship to channel the African diaspora into wearable artwork. Khiry jewelry is unique in that it features natural materials such as precious stones and handwoven skin. The Khartoum Stacking Minimalist Ring ($215) is a striking alternative to traditional circle shapes. While the Adisa Drop Earrings ($625) are a subtle option, they offer a touch of elegance for evenings.

Mateo New York

Matthew Harris, a Jamaican-born jeweler, discovered his true passion in New York when he traveled there. Mateo jewels are modern and simple, and made from precious metals. They also include diamonds and gemstones.

The brand has enjoyed great success by partnering with high-end fashion retailers such as Net-a-Porter, Farfetch and others. You can also find Mateo New York’s flagship store in NYC, which sells candles as well as handbags. We would love to own the 14kt gold Uni pearl Chain Anklet ($350), as well as the 14kt gold Lapis & Diamond Dot minimalist necklace ($375).

Catbird NYC

Catbird NYC is a fine jewelry brand that Zoe Kravitz has worn on numerous occasions. Catbird NYC is well-known for its stacking rings concept. It was founded in Brooklyn and now has multiple locations in NYC.

You can also use sterling silver or 14kt gold to make cutting-edge accessories. We love the minimalist gold necklaces and earrings as well as the 1976 Choker ($308).

What minimalist jewelry brands are unisex?

It all depends on your style, but Jennifer Fisher has many gold options that you can wear. For example, the XS Essential Necklace ($370). By the way, Monica Vinader has a website that is exclusively for men.

What minimalist jewelry brands are the best overall?

There are many minimalist jewelry brands that fall within the affordable price range, such as Catbird NYC and Biko. Monica Vinader was also instrumental in lowering the price of minimalist everyday items to make them more affordable for consumers.

How do I clean minimalist jewelry?

You can prolong the life of your minimalist jewelry by caring for it. This will ensure that you get the best value for your money. Solid 14-karat Gold should not oxidize or discolor due to its nature. If you do want to clean it, use a little water and mild soap. You can gently buff fine jewelry with a cloth but avoid water.

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