person holding amber glass bottle

Not Everyone Knows How Much Product to Use

person holding amber glass bottle

Accidentally we found out that not every women know how much exactly of face wash/ cleanser/ balm to use. We are here to help you!

Cleanser – because we won’t be discussing foam, we would break down the cleanser by its formula and for what purpose – makeup removal or skin cleansing.

  • Balm/first cleanse/makeup elimination: One big fat grape, or two small grapes if necessary.
  • First cleanse/makeup elimination – milk: A heaped teaspoon or two pumps, if necessary
  • Second cleanse/A.M.: one teaspoon

Acid tonic: dampen a flat cotton pad (never cotton balls) until the pad is 2/3 wet. Both sides are fine. We advice to use 2 sides always. Pre-soaked pads should be used with one pad on each side.

Eye cream: It depends on the cream you use and your skin type. You may need slightly more if your eyes are dry, or showing signs of ageing. For younger skins, you can apply one pine nut to your ring finger and blend it with the opposite finger. The amount you need to cover your entire orbital area (over and below) is important.

Serums: You need just one pea. What is a PEA? The pea will not go beyond your fingertips. Because most serums come in bottles with dispensing pumps and are designed to be dispensed only one pump per application, they are easy to gauge. For large faces, two pumps are sufficient. One pump is enough for smaller faces. You can use a size of 20p for comparison. This is equivalent to a nickel.

Moisturizer: Depending on your skin type and size, you can use two or three blueberries for your skin, or 3 if it’s super dry and pumpkin-loving. You’ll be spending 20p per fat nickel.

Night cream: One blueberry? No. At least two.

SPF: At least one headed teaspoon. This is why I wrote this post. Skin cancer specialists recommend a heaped teaspoon to the neck and face. It’s one tablespoon per limb. You need one tablespoon for each leg, arm, trunk, and back. If you are wearing a lot of swimwear/nude, you will need one allowance for your bottom, hips, thighs, and legs.

If you don’t usually worry about hair products, each product is still important.

Shampoo is good for your hair and scalp. Conditioner is a conditioner that moisturizes your hair and balances your scalp. Shampooing your roots/scalp only and conditioner on the ends will cause hair to be unbalanced. This is similar to doing laundry with no fabric softener and using shampoo on your ends. It’s wrong. Use as much shampoo as you need depending on your hair. And don’t forget to wash ends too.

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