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7 Expert Tips to Look Great for Men: Our Casual Style Guide

Men’s casual dress code is the best way to show your true style. Men’s casual wear can be anything you like, whether it is sleek or rugged, elegant or simple.

Dressing casually does not mean focusing on formalities. It is about dressing comfortably and finding the right balance between comfort and individuality. Think fashionable, but functional outfits.

It can be overwhelming to have so many options and freedoms with the casual dress code. Men will tend to choose the most foolproof outfit, which is jeans, a tshirt and cool sneakers. You’ll see that there are many subtle ways to spice up casual looks.

We understand that it can be difficult to grasp all the style nuances. That is why we have decoded the most common dress codes and styles for men. Say goodbye to sartorial nightmares! We’ll start with the casualest and work our way up to more formal.

What is casual wear?

There is no formal dress code. Casual wear can be defined loosely as anything that would not look good on more formal occasions.

Casual wear is casual, relaxed and elegant. It’s easy to wear every day. Casual clothing is a mix of personal comfort and individuality. You can combine and match different clothes to create your own look.

You can experiment and find what works for you. You can wear whatever you like (except maybe for errands).

Even though there aren’t any strict guidelines and very few limits, style guidelines can still be followed for casual clothes outside your home.

You can choose to be casual or adventurous depending on the occasion. Casual can also be read differently. The difficult task of choosing the right attire to achieve the perfect balance between being overdressed or underdressed is up to you.

If in doubt, it is better to overdress than to underdress no matter what the occasion.

Trends influence casual style, whether it’s high-end or low-end. There are some timeless pieces that every man needs to have if he wants his casual wardrobe to be future-proof. Casual wear is usually based around a collection of basic and classic essentials, which form the foundation of your personal style.

We’ve compiled a list of essentials you can mix and match, from casual pants such as well-fitted jeans and chinos to casual button down shirts and sneakers.

1. Denim jeans

Great-fitting jeans have been the backbone of casual wear since the 1950s. They can be easily dressed up or down.

For a polished look, choose a pair of quality jeans with straight-leg styles in a dark wash.

Lighter hues are best for a laid-back and casual look. Denim, regardless of style, is a timeless staple that can be worn in many different ways.

2. Casual t-shirts

T-shirts, which are casual by nature, should be a part of every man’s basic wardrobe. The simple T-shirt is versatile, stylish and easy to wear. It can be worn with any type of clothing, even dress-up tailored.

The rule of thumb for your T-shirt is to keep it simple. Choose classic crew-neck cotton T shirts in plain colors. Starters can choose from white, navy, black and grey.

Bold patterns, styles and designs can be added to casual wear. You should always ensure that the fit is right for you. A T-shirt should hug your body, but not look like it’s a second skin. Unflattering cuts are the worst.

3. Polo shirts

The Polo shirt, which is a level above the T-shirt in formality, is an essential part of your wardrobe.

If you wear a pair of premium jeans and a polo shirt, it’s easy to look casual. A good polo shirt doesn’t have to cost a lot, but it should fit your body.

There are some premium polo shirts out there that are exquisitely made with top-quality materials. You can spend more to get a luxurious polo shirt.

4. Casual shirts

If you want to appear sharper, casual long- and short-sleeved shirt are essential. You can roll the sleeves and unbutton them for a relaxed look.

Start building your shirt collection with the essential colors, just like you would for your T-shirt. A classic white shirt is the best foundation. The collar should look good both when it is fully buttoned and when it is left open to the third button.

5. Chinos

Chinos can be worn in a variety of styles. You will notice a difference in your appearance if you wear the same upper with chinos as your jeans.

The right cut is essential in classic colors like navy, khaki and beige that are easy to match. Chinos are stylish and comfortable, which can be paired with smart casual looks. Chinos can be worn for any occasion that has ambiguous dress codes.

6. Knitwear for casual occasions

Another great item is casual knitwear. Knitwear is both stylish and simple to put on.

Your casual knitwear can be worn as an outer layer, or under a lightweight jacket. To give you more combinations, choose a cut that can be worn with both your T-shirt and shirts.

7. Casual jackets

A lightweight jacket can be a stylish finishing touch to any casual look. A quality jacket is a wardrobe staple that will last for many years. Jackets are so beloved that we created a complete guide on men’s bomber jackets.

We recommend sticking to classics that will not go out of fashion after six months.

8. Hoodies

The hoodie, a streetwear staple, is great for layering and adding an edge to casual wear. For a modern look, pair it with something simple. You can avoid looking sloppy by choosing premium fabric and finishing, and pairing your hoodie and sleek pants.

9. Casual shoes

Even if you’re dressed casually, it is important to show your best self. The luxury sneaker market has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, with new high-end sneakers coming out every month.

White sneakers are classic and can be worn with almost any style. If you prefer a more refined look, leather is a better option.

However, you don’t have to limit your choices to sneakers. For a more sophisticated look, there are plenty of casual shoes alternatives, such as loafers, desert boots, or boat shoes.

10. Bermuda and Cargo shorts

A pair of Bermuda or cargo shorts, depending on the occasion and the climate, can be a great idea. They should be made of high-quality fabrics, and they should fit well. You don’t want to look too casual, even if you have the occasion to wear shorts.

Be aware that shorts can look unprofessional if worn in the wrong context.

11. Accessory and accents

Accessory are a great way to bring personality and style to casual wear. You have two options: you can keep your style consistent by using accessories that complement your outfit or create your own look. You can pair a watch with casual clothes or a belt with premium denim.

7 basic style principles and tips for casual wear

We reached out to fashion advisors and stylists to get their advice on casual dress styles. These are their top tips for dressing casually.

  1. Your goals are the first thing you should do. This will be the foundation of your style. Do you want to exude confidence? Are you looking to project a sense of assurance? Do you prefer comfort to be the most important thing?
  2. Be aware of your goals and dress accordingly. Choose an outfit that will help your achieve your goals.
  3. It’s worth spending more on timeless pieces. You may not be able to wear certain items for more than one season. These items shouldn’t be bought for too long. Others will last you for many years. This is true for a luxury watch, high-end sneakers or a premium jacket. Make a decision about which pieces you will keep and choose quality over quantity.
  4. Make sure you have everything covered. Start by choosing neutral colors like black, white navy, tan and grey for your outfit. These colors are easy to match and never go out-of-fashion.
  5. You can elevate and personalize your look by adding a few items. After you have established the basics of your style, you can personalize your look with bolder colors and luxurious fabrics like silk or cashmere. These should be reserved to your accessories like your watch strap, belt, and socks.
  6. Before you choose your casual outfit, think about the occasion. No matter what your personal style, it is important to pay attention to the environment and social context. You need to understand what is expected of you and design your outfit accordingly.
  7. Look for the perfect fit. It is saddening to see a man wearing the wrong style in the wrong size. If your clothes are too tight or uncomfortable, it will ruin all your efforts. You have spent time creating your style. Make sure you execute it correctly.
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