woman wearing gray denim jacket and black scarf

Is it possible to look good in cheap clothes?

woman wearing gray denim jacket and black scarf

Can you look great in less expensive clothes? Absolutely. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t look better with better quality ones or that there aren’t other reasons to choose them.

This question is often asked when someone looks good but doesn’t wear the expensive clothes that are featured on PS.

As one reader shows, many of his clothes were very affordable, either new or used, and he looked amazing.

This is also a common comment from readers who say they have bought a lot of expensive clothing but don’t feel that they look good. What makes a friend who has not invested in luxury clothing look better?

This reader makes the mistake of thinking that style and quality are inseparable. It is. However, those who highlight students dressed well make the error of jumping to the other extreme – suggesting that there is no relationship.

The truth lies somewhere between, as with many things in life. It’s my joy and job to find those middle ground. Many reasons people look great, and they have little to do with clothes.

A person is considered to be more attractive if their face is clearer and if they look healthier, taller, thinner, or just plain better. These opinions are subjective, culturally and personally. However, it is amazing how often clothing is confused with them under the banner of “looking good”.

Confidence is the most important thing of all. Charm and being relaxed are also great assets. Sometimes, even simple things like a haircut, a shave, or a tan can make a big difference in looking good.

You don’t necessarily need all of these items to look good. If everyone notices a guy wearing a white T-shirt and jeans it is more likely that it is because of a combination of these factors than for the specific clothes.

The next point on the scale is fit.

Cheap clothes can still be very comfortable. The white T-shirt may have made the guy look more rounded. He might not, if he is as square-jawed and as I imagine. But these things do make a big difference for many guys – and they don’t necessarily have to cost money.

They can often end up being quite expensive. You can’t always get an alternative. The collar that you like best may not be widely available or trendy. We are far from having to pay for hand-sewn seams and superfine cottons.

The next point may be the most obvious. The most important thing about looking good in clothes isn’t about the quality but about how you style them.

It is not about craftsmanship, designers, or luxury fibers. It is about the style and how you wear it. This is why most of the writing on menswear focuses on this rather than the sewing involved in making handmade shoes.

While quality and tradition are important, style is more important. If you are able to put together inexpensive clothes, you can still look great. The corollary to this is that expensive clothes don’t guarantee you look good – sorry cash-rich, but time-poor readers.

So. All of these statements are true. It doesn’t mean that quality clothing isn’t important. It can often make you look better. Style is about choosing the right fabric, cut, and lapel for your suit. You will look great in your suit if you are tall, slim, and attractive. If the suit is bespoke, it will be noticeable, if not immediately describable.

It will fall down your torso from a flush collar to rounded chest and sharp skirt to a straight suit. In a way that no other suit can, it will feel like it is part of you. It adds a sense of sophistication and refinement. It almost looks like you’re an expert at dressing.

These are small things and it is possible to argue that they are not worth the effort and time required to attain them. They are beautiful.

This is most applicable to smart clothes, but it also applies to casual clothing.

No matter how well-made a leather jacket is, it will always look cheap. It might take some time to notice the difference between a cheaper and a better jacket, but once you do it will be obvious. Cheap leather can look like plastic. It is often plastic. It simply sits on your head. It’s like a plastic hat.

Brass ages naturally and has a subtle beauty similar to other casual men’s wear. horn buttons that are naturally different from each other. This is especially true for shoes.

Quality clothing should only be purchased if it is for you alone.

For example, my leather jacket has an exterior others may appreciate for its softness and patina. No one notices the thick cotton-twill lining or the wadding that lies between the leather and it. It’s the thing I love most about it, I feel it every single time I put it on and throughout the day.

My Edward Green Cranleigh boots have a leather that I enjoy so much. Although I don’t understand why, I feel the softness in the lining of my Edward Green Cranleigh boots. It’s often the first thing I feel in a shoe that isn’t as expensive.

My Real McCoy’s sheepskin fleece doesn’t look any different from a polyester one. It does feel very different when worn.

It is an animal product so it moves and softens with your body, more like a leather jacket than a synthetic fleece. The same goes for my down vest made from them and the pillow-like compression each time you put it on.

One reader, said it recently in a comment: “We live in an age dominated by the visually, and we tend not to forget that dressing up is a fuller sensory experience.”

Other pleasures are not just for us. These include appreciation for the craft, the effort and skill that went into making something. Working with artisans or small manufacturers can also provide an emotional connection.

The person who made the clothes is probably someone you know. You might be reminded of them if you are wearing them or asking about them.

This relationship between style and money has been more prominent recently, as PS has expanded to include casual wear. Smart clothing is more costly because it uses better materials and makes. However, casual clothing is not as expensive. Finer yarn doesn’t necessarily make for better jeans.

Quality is still important. While you might not prefer jeans made from superfine cotton, it is possible to have denim that has been woven slowly or dyed with rope. They take longer, so they are more expensive.

It is important to discuss what we are getting for our money and why it might be something we want or not.

Experiment and explore.

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