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This is it: Fall’s Nail Trends will be all over your feed

You can welcome autumn by trying a new nail polish or simply swiping a fall-inspired color on your nails. You may be wrong to believe fall nail polish trends are more subtle and vibrant than their summer counterparts. We spoke to experts about their top fall nail trends for 2021. And, spoiler alert! They’re way more fun that you might think.

Earth tones and jewel tones will be more popular in the coming weeks. Tong-Ahn says that this summer was all about neons and pastels. “As we enter fall, I believe we can expect more earth tones and jewel tones.”

Also, don’t think that you have to stick to just one shade when painting your nails. Beverly Hills resident, says that simple things such as mixing and matching colors like brick red and mustard yellow are enough to define ‘fall’ without getting too creative.

Recreate the Trend Tong-Ahn says that this summer was all about abstract, wavy and psychedelic-style designs. “But, for fall, I see more structured and colored patterns starting to become more popular.”

He also says that we’ve already seen nails heavily inspired by the ’90s. “Smiley faces and tie-dye are all the rage.”

Recreate the Trend Tong-Ahn says that animal prints are great for fall, and they’re easy to make. The designs look more natural when they aren’t too perfect. This allows for more flexibility than other nail art designs. You could also start with simple cow prints or Dalmatian spots.

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