white and pink coupe parked beside black car

Butter Goods and PUMA Present a Nostalgic Footwear and Apparel Collection

white and pink coupe parked beside black car

Butter Goods, an Australian skate brand, has teamed up with PUMA to create a nostalgic and broad-reaching collection of footwear and apparel that is inspired by sports advertising from late ’90s through early ’00s. Garth Mariano, Matt Evans, co-founders of Butter Goods, grew up during that time and are keen to recall the aesthetic. Mariano says that the late ’90s and early 2000s were full of bright colors, baggy cuts, technical fabrics and finishings. “We’ve combined that influence with classic, more traditional stylings.”

Butter Goods’ and PUMA’s collaborations revolve around four styles of footwear: two versions of the Basket and two variations on the Slipstream. Both the first comes in unique orange and blue corduroy colors, while the second is available in black or white leather, both with green trimmings. There are many standout pieces in the apparel collection, including corduroy tracktops and pants in emerald and cream. These kits are not the only items available.

There’s also a range of sweatshirts, sweatpants and graphic T-shirts that feature retro designs. Evans notes that skateboarding and designs are heavily influenced from ’90s sportswear. “It was easy to link up stylistically. It was fun to reinterpret things using that lens, since PUMA doesn’t have a skate program.”

The Butter Goods x PUMA collection is due to be available via the PUMA website in September.

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