burger with lettuce and tomatoes

Burger King Japan releases Spicy and Cheesy Big Mouth Burgers

burger with lettuce and tomatoes

Burger King Japan has released a new limited-edition duo of spicy and cheesey Big Mouth Burgers. Each of the Big Mouth Burgers features three flame-grilled beef patties. They will also be available in two extra-large burgers with a mix of cheeses and spices.

The Cheese & Cheese Big Mouth Burger, like its name, has three cheddar cheese slices and shredded 3-blend cheese. If you are looking for a burger that packs a punch, the Super Spicy Big Mouth Burger is the perfect choice. It features a spicy jalapeno-cheese sauce and three cheddar cheese slices.

Both of mentioned burgers will be available in Japan August 27 – September 9.

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