man fixing his red, black, and white plaid sport shirt sleeve during daytime

Building the Ultimate Men’s Minimalist Wardrobe (Part 2)

man fixing his red, black, and white plaid sport shirt sleeve during daytime


Black Oxford Shoes

A pair of Oxford shoes will be your best friend for every formal occasion. These are the best pair of smart shoes you can own. You get extra points if the footwear is Goodyear-welted and comes from a Northamptonshire top-rated supplier.

Brown Derby Shoes

A brown Derby shoe is the only type of footwear that can be worn with different dress codes. A brown Derby shoe is great for work, at weekends, on dates, and at parties. It can do everything. Except maybe the gym. For this, you can save your trainers. If you can, choose a Goodyear-welted sole and shop from a trusted brand.

Work Boots

For winter, sturdy leather boots are essential. When styled carefully, they can last you most of the year. It’s easy to stick to the basics and not go wrong. For a retro Americana style, a moc-toe shoe with a wedge sole works well. Timberland also offers a round-toe style with a commando sole.

Luxe Leather Sneakers

The general relaxation of menswear over the past decade has many benefits. The rise in popularity of premium sneakers is one of the most important. A pair of luxury, minimalist leather sneakers can do a lot. You can wear them with a navy suit with a plain white shirt tucked in or with jeans and a crew neck at the weekend.

Canvas Sneakers

While leather sneakers are beautiful, they can be a bit too hot in summer heat. Canvas offers much the same versatility but is more breathable. Canvas sneakers are more difficult to match with than shoes they like, so they can be worn every day without thinking.

Running shoes

A minimalist wardrobe is great, but it’s not enough. It’s also important to care for the clothes that you wear. It’s not a good idea to run your daily 5k in Derby shoes. A pair of athletic sneakers is the way to go. You want something lightweight and breathable with good traction.


Swim shorts tailored

It’s not a bad idea to take style cues form the French, but their swimwear policy can be a great place to start. You should not be a budgie smuggler, but rather invest in premium, tailored shorts. This type of swimwear can be worn at any location, from the beach to the bar. This is basically a combination of shorts and swim gear.

Cuban-Collar Shirt

The Cuban collar shirt is the perfect garment to capture summer’s essence. It’s breezy and laid-back, making it a great choice for hot days. It can be worn open with a white T-shirt or paired with chino shorts or sandals. You can also wear it with your tailored swim briefs after you have dried off in the pool.

Linen Shirt

For cool evenings on vacation, or to keep the sun off your skin throughout the day, a light and breezy linen shirt will be a great choice. Choose pastel colors and a loose cut. It should feel loose and comfortable, not too fitted. Lighter hues will reflect the sun and help you stay cooler.


It’s a smart move to invest in a new pair of Havaianas. Brown leather is timeless and versatile. Avoid being too trendy and give your cheap rubber sliders a wide berth.



You can kill two birds with one stone by buying sweatpants that are both comfortable and durable. This means jersey fabric with a slim but not too tight fit and simple, classic styling. Grey is the OG colour, but you will love navy or black hide stains.


A plain grey hoodie will see plenty of wear every day and is a must-have. You can choose to go running, to the gym, or to just lounge around the house, but grey is the best option for maximum versatility.

Running tops

Do not use regular T-shirts as a substitute for a purpose-designed workout kit. Cotton absorbs sweat like a sponge and can cause it to become heavy, sodden, and prone for unpleasant odours. You can instead invest in some moisture-wicking running tops to keep your casual tees dry and comfortable.

Gym Shorts

In winter, it is acceptable to train in sweatpants. However, when the sun shines, it is best to let your legs breathe. You can keep cool and comfortable in lightweight shorts made from stretchy fabric. You can choose the colour and style of your shorts, but make sure they are breathable.


Brown Leather Belt

Even though they may be the most stylish pants in the world they won’t look good if they are hanging around your backside. The first rule of dressing well is to pull your pants up… and stay there. A high-quality brown leather belt can be worn with casual or tailored clothing, provided the shoes match.


A stylish pair of sunglasses can protect you from the sun, or the rest of the globe from your hangover. The classic styles are the best, such as Aviators or Clubmasters. But there are also some newer styles available from independent labels. Black is safe but boring. We recommend tortoiseshell.

Dress Watch

When it comes to accessories for tailoring, less is often more. However, a good dress watch is essential. A leather strap and a clean dial are better than cluttered dials. Avoid anything too bulky. This watch should look sleek and fitted just like the suit that goes with it.

Casual Watch

When shopping for a daily watch, you should look out for style, robustness and comfort. You should choose a high-quality timepiece that is not too expensive. It should be rugged but not too heavy. It is comfortable and yet sturdy. This is a good option for chronographs and diving watches. You can choose from a NATO strap, a bracelet, or leather strap. Spend what you can afford, and you’ll be glad you did when it still works 50 years later.

Weekend Bag

Multi-day trips, whether to the gym, the city, or for work, require a well-equipped bag. This is why a great weekend bag is so important. It will last a lifetime if you buy well. Leather is the best choice.

Baseball Cap

Although it may seem divisive, the baseball cap is an essential accessory and an integral part of a well-stocked capsule wardrobe. The cap can be used to add a finishing touch on casual outfits and, if chosen in the right fabric, can also be worn with modern tailoring. If you prefer something more traditional, cotton twill is the best choice.


Many men are convinced that beanies don’t suit them. These men haven’t found their perfect beanie. Every year, a woollen cap becomes mandatory. It is worth taking the time to find the right one. Try to stick to neutral tones and earthy colors, with a few flecks of color. Material-wise, cashmere or merino is more expensive than lambswool, but it will provide you with greater comfort.

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