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Bridgerton Season 3: Penelope and Colin will take center stage

It’s safe to think about season three now that Bridgerton 2 has broken the season one viewership record. Shondaland’s season three showrunner Jess Brownwell will be returning the most-viewed English-language series on Netflix.

You’ll find all the details about the next installment, including who will return and who won’t, and when more gossip can be expected from the ton. This was reported by Lady Whistledown, the ever-so-snarky friend.

Who will be returning to Bridgerton season 3

Fans have been asking if Rege-Jean Page (who played Duke Simon Basset) will not fulfill his contract for the second season of Bridgerton’s royal drama series. It appears that all the Bridgerton siblings, including Phoebe Dynevor who plays Daphne Bridgerton and Jonathan Bailey who plays her older brother Anthony should return to Netflix for the next  season.

The Featherington family, especially fan favorite Penelope Featherington (played by Nicola Coughlan) will be back for more.

We are most excited about Simone Ashley’s return, who is a true It Girl since her role as Kate Sharma in season 2. If you didn’t know about this actress, it’s clear that she and Charithra Chaudran, who plays Edwina Sharma’s sister, are the reason to jump into season 2.

Fans with an eagle-eyed eye will be pleased to see that Francesca Bridgerton’s second-youngest daughter, who was scurrying away to Bath in season one, returned for a few brief appearances during the first three episodes. The character will now take up more space on the show and will be played by another actress next season. Ruby Stokes, the actress who played Francesca during seasons one and two of the series, will be leaving to appear in Lockwood & Co, a Netflix book-to-series adaptation. They can’t be blamed for wanting to keep it all in the Netflix family.

Chris Van Dusen, series showrunner explained Francesca’s March absence from season 2. TV Line was told that Francesca had to leave after exhausting all other options. Francesca will be the main character for the next season, if Bridgerton continues to cover a new sibling every season. This would be based upon the novel When He Was Wicked.

What’s the third season?

There are eight siblings and that could mean there will be eight seasons. If the series follows the Bridgerton books, which each book is dedicated to the romantic foibles, one Bridgerton child, it would. Our Daphne and Anthony seasons have been completed, and we are now waiting to see which season will follow. Our initial bets were on Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington’s unrequited crush on the actor. Variety has confirmed that their romance will be the main focus of season 3. Coughlan announced the news at Netflix’s FYSEE panel.

Shonda Rhimes previously confirmed that each season will explore the romantic entanglements between the siblings, but not in the same order that Quinn’s Bridgerton romance novels series. Romancing Mister Bridgerton, the fourth installment of the series, reveals the story between Penelope and Colin. Benedict Bridgerton is the focus of the third book, An offer from a gentleman. We are waiting for season four, in order to give Eloise Bridgerton that breakthrough moment.

As for Kate and Anthony, their relationship is already confirmed to be a “they’ll, and they did”, with Anthony becoming a married man. Ashley says we’ll see more of their marriage in the next installment. Deadline reported that “Kate’s and Anthony’s relationship is just beginning.” She also said that she was confident that the Viscountess wouldn’t lose her spink in season 3. “She’s now in charge of the household and she has big boots to fill. Kate will always have my softness and vulnerability, and I’m sure she will share it with Anthony. “I’m excited for her to have a house and a family.”

One thing is certain, Lady Whistledown will be there to spread gossip throughout the ton’s debutante season, no matter what the drama.

When will the new season of Bridgerton air?

It’s impossible to predict when the third season will be available on your TV screens. Production should start this summer in London, we know this. We also know there is a spinoff series in the works (and we all know how Shondaland loves a spinoff).

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