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Bottega Veneta’s Salon 02 Collection is Back and Bolder Than Ever

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Bottega Veneta’s Creative Director Daniel Lee has changed the way Bottega Veneta presents their collections since late 2020. The Biannual Collections are now called Salons. Wardrobe is a more commercial pre-season release.

This is part of a major shift in luxury fashion industry trends. Brands are abandoning traditional seasonal calendars and favoring a more sustainable approach. Salon 01, which is the equivalent of Spring/Summer collection, presented last October clean-cut silhouettes with vibrant accessories that can be used to enhance ensembles no matter what season.

The Italian fashion house, Salon 02 at Berghain, was officially declared a cultural institution in Berlin in 2016. Clubbing is no longer an option due to the pandemic. However, Salon 02 at Berghain – a trendy and exclusive venue set the tone for the private fashion show.

A few celebrities were invited to a first glance, including Skepta, Slowthai Burna Boy, Honey Dijon, and Stefano Pilati. The collection was kept secret for five months after that.

The public was able to see only a few pieces through those who were lucky enough to get them, such as Tracee Ellis Ross and Beyonce. With Tyrone Lebon as photographer, Freja Beha Erichsen and Dede Mansro star as models in the new Salon 02 campaign.

The Salon 02 Creative Director Daniel Lee captures the spirit of duplicity, with a focus on Fall/Winter 2021. There are optimism and doubt, lightness and darkness, exaggerated volumes and a strict sensibility. This collection is a metaphor for a year marked by two opposing emotions: fear of the disease and hope for the vaccines.

The 61-look collection combines high-octane, elegant outfits with structured looks. The first half features ensembles that range from sleek dark suits to elegant dresses, with matching shoes and accessories. Bright accents in several garments break up the monotony of neutral and black shades and provide a transition into bright colours like dawn breaking into dusk.

The assemblage features striking shades such as sunny yellow, lush emerald and electric teal. It is a representation of Lee’s optimism for the future, and a possible return to normalcy.

Salon 02’s everyday styles are elevated with intricate details and masterful craftsmanship. This requires hours of work to achieve perfection with precise precision, keeping true to Salon 02’s artistic Venetian roots. While silhouettes are still functional, they can be reborn using a whimsical, uplifting filter.

This collection is tactile and combines a variety of textures. The collection features glittering metal sequins and thick knits.

The leather rebirths to appear like a worn, high-shine latex. This suits well with Berghain’s hedonistic setting. The leather jumpsuits, bags, and coats are bold, daring, and unexpected. Similar styles by Peek-aboo show the skin sensually and invite admiration from wandering eyes.

Toscana shearling coats are made from luxurious lambskin shearling and look authentic. Salon 02 is a distinctive silhouette with a glamorous edge. It translates the beauty of shearling coats into matching bags to add extra eccentricity. The Menswear collection offers a new level in comfort and style. The garments are now made with cashmere, which has a patina and is woven with elastic yarn to improve stretch.

Inflatables make a bold statement. Cartoonishly proportioned pieces give off an animated vibe. Select pieces that were inspired by inflated balloons are woven together to imitate the intrecciato pattern. Lee is the ringmaster of this circus of decadence. His audience is invited to open their minds to a world of imaginations and limitless possibilities. Salon 02 is a refreshing breath after a year of grim practicality. This is a welcome injection of excitement after a year of gloomy practicality.

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