black makeup pallet with red lipstick

Bobbi Brown shared her Top Four Makeup Tips For Women 50+

black makeup pallet with red lipstick

Bobbi Brown, the makeup icon and founder of Jones Road Beauty, speaks and we listen because we want to feel and look our best regardless of where we are. Brown says, “As women we can manage and control many things, but we can’t stop the time.” She suggests that we should embrace it instead. “Aging is an inevitable process. Our faces have distinct features and that’s okay. Beauty is being comfortable in your skin at any age.

Brown, who turns 65, is sharing her top four “no-makeup makeup” tips for older ladies.

1. Always moisturize

Brown suggests that women over 50 use moisturizing products. The foundation meets tinted moisturizing balm in What the Foundation, Brown’s newest product from Jones Road Beauty. It is a combination of foundation and tinted moisturizer that performs extremely well on dry skin. The skin is moisturized with sodium hyaluronate, jojoba oil and other star ingredients. Brown said, “It’s your skin at its best skin day.”

2. Reduce redness

“No one’s skin is perfect, regardless of age.” Brown says that almost everyone has hyperpigmentation, or dark spots in their skin. Brown recommends concealing any redness on the face with a face pencil. Common hot spots are near your mouth, around the nose and on your cheeks. To conceal dark circles, take a look under your eyes. The face pencils from Jones Road are quick and easy to conceal any redness or darkening.

Pro tip: Use a concealer one shade lighter than what you use on your rest of the face when covering dark circles.

3. Embrace your natural beauty

Brown is also TikTok-famous because of a video in which she admitted to being anti-nose contouring. Brown’s mom offered her a nosejob when she was a teenager. She declined. Brown has been a makeup artist for over 40 years. Her mantra has always been “you are perfect as you are.” It doesn’t matter if you use makeup to conceal or cover up anything. Instead, Brown encourages you to embrace your imperfections. Brown says, “We all have unique things and I love that.” Show off your freckles. Your strong nose is a strength. This is what makes you beautiful.

Brown is now able to accept her own lines and aging. She wants women to accept their imperfections and not try to fix them. Brown affirms, “You are beautiful. All lines and all.”

4. Have a glow

Brown’s signature product is the Miracle Balm, a new line of Jones Road Beauty products. The Miracle Balm is a combination skincare and makeup product that’s hugely popular. This hero product has received over 5,000 rave reviews and Katie took it on a tour with her. You can use it as a blush or highlighter, bronzer, or even to give your skin a subtle color.

Brown says that this multi-purpose, “one and done” product is her favorite. Brown recommends applying it after moisturizing your neck and face. Then, use the face pencils to conceal any hyperpigmentation or dark circles. Miracle Balm is available in eight shades. Brown loves Magic Hour and Tawny.

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