two person on white vehicle at night time

Review on BioLite AlpenGlow Lanterns

two person on white vehicle at night time

A dedicated lantern is always a useful tool, whether you’re outside the house camping or on a hike, in your backyard watching the stars, cooking at home, or simply relaxing in bed with a good book. A dedicated flashlight is great for specific tasks but a lamp with its area lighting can be just as useful, especially when you don’t have the option to use your hands. Two sizes of 360-degree lighting are available, each with many features that go beyond a light source.

The BioLite AlpenGlow Lantern is available in two different sizes/maximum outputs: 500 and 250 lumens. You can either use the high mode for up to 5 hours or switch to the 2.5 lumen low setting for 200 hours. There are many useful modes and features that can be used in almost every situation.

Starting off, it features a highly accurate color rendition on its warm white setting, making colors pop out with the use of broad spectrum light. This feature will be appreciated as it accurately reproduces natural sunlight. It also makes it easier to take warmer photos, if you want to preserve some memories.

Not only do you get to choose between dimmable cool and warm light, but the lantern also comes with color LEDs, allowing you to choose from the entire color spectrum. To set a mood, you can choose from a combination of colors such as a sunset- or sunrise-inspired color scheme. You can also give the device a shake to cycle through different colors if you don’t want to choose. You can also use the warm candle flicker mode to amp up the atmosphere and avoid any fire hazards.

This lantern is powered by a 6400 mAh battery, rechargeable via micro USB for convenience. You can save battery life by using the double-panel design. This allows you to only turn on one side of the lantern. It can also double as a power bank so you can recharge your devices when you need them.

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