woman closing her eyes wearing brown lens sunglasses

How to get a radiant skinglow without any sun damage

woman closing her eyes wearing brown lens sunglasses

Fake tanning can be a great way to get bronzed throughout the year. But, a regular body tanner cannot replace a top-quality fake tan. A body tanner can cause skin irritations and blotchiness. These problems can be eliminated by a good facial tanner. It will nourish your skin and keep you away from the temptation to get tanned in the sun.

Sun damage is one the main causes of wrinkles and fine lines. This can be prevented by protecting your skin from the sun and using sunscreen with at least 30 SPF every day. However, this comes at a price: your face will not look as radiant and golden as it does in the summer.

Face fake tans are the answer. They come in many strengths and forms, making them a great choice for anyone who wants to appear bronzed on their face and bodies. You can read our buying guide to help you decide which facial fake tans are right for you. Scroll down for our top picks for achieving a glowing complexion.

How to select the best fake tan for your face

It can be difficult to find the right face fake tan. Some people have sensitive skin and break out easily when there is a change in their skincare regimen. Others don’t know the best product for them. We’ve simplified the process by compiling a list of all the various types of fake tans available to help you choose which one best suits your needs.

Different types of fake tan

  • Tanning water

It’s lightweight and can be used to create darker colours. You don’t have to rinse it off afterward. Apply the product to your face and let it sit for a while before you resume your normal skincare routine. You can spray the product directly on your face with some facial tanning water bottles, while others use a pump to disperse the product into your hands. It doesn’t matter what kind of facial tanning water you use, it’s worth mixing the product in your face to avoid any stray drops.

  • Facial tanning moisturizer

Similar to gradual tans for your body, facial moisturisers work on your skin to give it a subtle glow and boost its moisture. This type of tan won’t stain clothing or sheets, and can be used in place of your regular moisturiser. It’s easy to use.

  • Tanning masks

These masks can be used to tan your skin. After cleansing, moisturising, apply the mask before bed, you can wash it off the next morning. Because it is your skin, ensure that the mask contains hydrating ingredients. Tanners can dry out skin.

  • Tanning drops

These are great for people who want to control the color of their tan. Add a few drops of the oil to your moisturizer and let it dry. The deeper your tan, the more you add. Make sure to not leave streaks of moisturiser on the skin. This will cause darker pigmentation. For our top picks, see our roundup.

How to get the best results

Make sure to follow these steps before you apply facial tanner. To ensure that dead skin cells are removed, exfoliate your skin the day before. This will ensure that your facial tan doesn’t stick to any dry areas.

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