woman looking sideward during daytime

Bella Hadid brings back 5 Y2K and the 90s fashion trends

woman looking sideward during daytime

Fashion trends such as the Y2K and 90s fashion are always in style thanks to celebrities like Bella Hadid.

You’re not the only one feeling like you’ve been transported back in time every time you scroll through Instagram. Some of the most beloved trends from the past decade (such as Y2K), have returned to the mainstream and are now dominating our social media feeds. Bella Hadid, fashion icon, shows us how to seamlessly style old fashion trends in a more modern and sophisticated way.

These are the 5 trends Bella Hadid rediscovered as fashionable

Zig-Zag Headbands

Accessories that are reminiscent of the noughties are back in style, including scrunchies and butterfly clips. Bella Hadid was seen wearing a bold headband that many of her peers had abandoned in the early aughts. A plastic stretch comb headband was worn by the supermodel over her dark hair. It adds a retro touch to her pinstripe skirt and vest. The headband was styled to give the trend a more sleek, simple look. The perfect accessory for her elegant outfit.

Bobble Hair Tie

Bobble hair ties were a common feature of preschool classmates’ heads when we were children. Bella Hadid brought them back, although we haven’t seen one since. In a 10-part Instagram slidehow, Hadid was seen wearing a hot pink version of the nostalgic hair accessory and four plastic balls as she collected Christmas presents for children in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Hadid was also seen with a dark brown hairstyle and braid.

Half-up hairstyle for the ’90s with face-framing tendrils

Hadid shared a series photos on Instagram showing a pinstriped vest, pants, white button-down shirt and tie with burgundy accessories. Her hair, however, is as striking as her outfit.

The top layer is pulled down, tucked inwardly, and secured behind the head like a Topsy Tail. While the long bottom layers are left free, it’s very ’90s. However, what’s going on upfront makes it look very modern. Hadid’s face is framed by a few loose, chin-length hair strands – the ultimate ’90s trend.

’90s Bratz Doll-Inspired Hairstyle

This sleek style is a favorite of Hollywood stars. The style was born when Hadid arrived at VMAs with her hair in a tight ponytail. It reminded me of Bratz doll hairstyles: sleek, side-parted, with a section of hair wrapping around the base and the ends curled under. Danielle Priano, hairdresser, was responsible for the look.

Low-Rise Jeans

It’s not so long ago that the era of Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera nailing the hipster jeans aesthetic was gone. However, dangerously low-slung situations are making a comeback. Her perfectly tanned appearance was a big draw for the supermodel. Bella wore a cropped shirt with a pair low-rise, baggy, hip-hugging pants and went boyfriend-chic.

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