woman in black tank top wearing black sunglasses

Beauty Tips Makeup Artists Hope You Will Use

woman in black tank top wearing black sunglasses

There is always room to improve in life. Our daily beauty routine is no exception. After receiving valuable tips from a makeup artist, we made some changes. We are now ready to take action on something more positive. We asked Emily Ratajkowski and Gigi Hadid’ s make-up artists to share their makeup tips. Get your palettes and brushes ready.

“Check out your favorite look in all lighting conditions. You will be amazed at how your makeup looks in different lighting conditions, from sunlight to office lights to flashes of a flash camera. This will allow you to see the smallest adjustments that you need to make to your main face.” – Joanna Schlip, who has worked with Ellen Pompeo and Laura Linney.

“Experiment and think outside the box. Wear a red lipstick if you don’t like nude lipsticks. Try purple eyeliner if you haven’t tried it before. Too vague? It’s not a typo. Makeup can be fun! After you have addressed any issues, you can go ahead and apply makeup. Consider makeup as a fashion accessory. Be bold.” – Molly R. Stern, who has worked with Mandy Moore, Lily Collins and Reese Witherspoon.

“Use concealer only after you have applied tinted moisturizer, BB, or foundation to protect your base makeup.” -Tina Turnbow. Tina has worked with Keri Russell and Mary Louise Parker.

“Applying a face oil to your skin before you apply makeup, instead of using a primer, will give your skin a natural glow. It will also make it easier to apply makeup.” – Lina Hanson, who has worked with Brooke Shields and Gillian Anderson.

“Balance the face if you have a stronger eye and softer lips. It is important to highlight your natural features and not use a mask.” – Julianne Harris, Lake Bell and Idina Menzel have worked together.

“A full set of healthy eyebrows is the best thing. I wish everyone would allow their brows to grow. Over-tweezing brows can make the face look drab and even age. It’s enough to do a little bit of grooming.” – Hung Vanngo, who has worked with Katy Perry and Kendall Jenner.

“The past few years have seen a lot of attention on bold eyebrows. The likes Anastasia Beverly Hills and Cara Delevingne are gaining popularity on social media. Many clients don’t know how to fill in their eyebrows, despite the many benefits. I want people to embrace their eyebrows and learn how to fill in their brows properly, based on their individual faces and brow shapes.” –Carissa Ferreri who has worked with Gina Rodriguez, Bailee Madison

The pros are unanimous in their opinions about skin care.

“Before you apply makeup, prepare your skin. For makeup to last long and look great, skin care is essential. I begin with a cleansing water and a pad. Next, I tone the skin according the person’s skin type. Then, I apply a mist to moisten the skin and then follow it up with a serum. Then, I apply a de-puffing cream to the eye area. Next, apply a gel moisturizer. Finally, I prime my skin.” – Joe Carrillo, who has worked with Alexa, Portia, and Lily Rabe.

“I would love for women to use a high quality moisturizer with SPF before applying make-up. This is something I’d love to see more of. Shiseido Ibuki Protective Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 18 is one of my favorite products at the moment. This moisturizer corrects the appearance blemishes and unevenness of visible pores while hydrating your skin from the sun.” –Ermahn Olpina, who has worked with Rosario Dawson, Carla Gugino and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

“It makes my job so much easier. Clients would be amazed at how flawless and fresh their makeup would look if I brought a clean, exfoliated and hydrated face to them. The perfect preparation is a quick, but thorough rub down using a hot, damp, clean face flannel to remove any dead, dry, or loose skin. Followed by a light moisturizer, this will help keep your skin hydrated.” – Jo Strettell, who has worked with Emily Ratajkowski and Demi Moore as well as Cobie Smulders.

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