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Cosmetic products with sustainable or reusable packaging

We can all make a difference in reducing the environmental impact of our consumption by making conscious choices about how we consume. It is possible to make informed choices about where and how you shop and what packaging your beauty products are packed in. These products can help you reduce the amount of waste you produce, from bottles and cases that are biodegradable to dissolvable packaging to reusable containers and compacts. These are our top picks for soaps, lotions, body washes and lipsticks with sustainable or reusable packaging that you can feel good about.

Body Wash

  • Clean wuth plus $16

Plus is making packaging disappear before your eyes with packaging that dissolves in seconds. Just get in the shower and let the sachet of body wash you received disappear. There’s no need to buy a bottle. Just good, clean fun. It’s a game-changer.

Water-Lock Moisturizer

  • Tata Harper $68

The Water-Lock moisturizer by Tata Harper comes in reusable plastic packaging. You just need to insert a new cartridge with the peptide- hyaluronic-infused moisturizer.

Plant Fiber Soap Dish

  • Alder New York $20

Bar soap is back in fashion. A sudsy soap bar comes with much less packaging. Alder New York’s soap is also rich in glycolic acid, Jojoba oil and sea kelp. It also comes with a soap dish made from plant fibers, which will biodegrade completely.

Sunshine Skin Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen

  • Milk Makeup $42

A good daily sunscreen is essential to maintaining a healthy skin routine. You will likely use a lot of this product every year. Milk is the answer. Milk recently redesigned their Sunshine Skin Tint to give it the same glowing glow, but with cartridges you can use to swap out when you run out.

Blue Fine Leather Lipstick Case

  • La Bouche Rouge $95

We can all admit that handbags and purses are stuffed with lipstick tubes. Enter: La Bouche Rouge. This leather lipstick case is one of their fine products. You can fill it with any of their lipsticks or balms made with 88% natural ingredients. You can change your colors according to the season and your mood.

Frange Puff

  • Violette FR Shampoo $34

Violette, a makeup artist, has created a new collection that is revolutionary for many reasons. But one thing you should not overlook is Violette’s dry shampoo. The formula gives you perfect French Girl hair. Simply replace the sachet, and you can continue using the brush-puff indefinitely. It’s also great for styling your bangs.

Chebe du Tchad Hair Cream

  • Salwa Petersen

Salwa Petersen hair cream is 100% recyclable. It also contains paper components that have been FSC certified. This means that they are made from European forests. E-commerce shipping is completely carbon neutral. The brand’s factory, lab and office use 100% green electricity. All water used is recycled back into the natural water cycle. Chebe du Tchad products are carbon-negative.

Cream Blush

  • Kjaer Weis $56

Kjaer Weis’s heavy metal packaging was updated with color cosmetics that were rich in natural ingredients.

Polo Earth

  • Ralph Lauren Fragnance $106

Ralph Lauren recently launched their eco-friendly version of a fragrance that can be refilled after the success of the Earth Polo shirt. The new eau is a natural-origin, unisex fragrance that contains seven sustainably-sourced ingredients. The bottle is also notable in that it’s made from recycled post-consumer glass. It has a Forest Stewardship Council-certified label and cap, and can be reused for refills.

The Starter Kit

  • Uni $175

Uni is a brand new in the beauty industry that offers a refillable program and clean body care. Here’s how it works: With your first purchase, you receive a 100% recycled aluminum dispenser (that can be kept) along with your product choice. The aluminum recycled bottles also come with the product. After you use the entire formula, you have two options: either return it for more or throw it in the recycling bin. It’s as simple as that. We recommend Uni’s starter set, although all the products are well worth a look.

Satin Lipstick Replacement

  • Hermes $43

The iconic Birken bag is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Hermes. In 2020, Hermes expanded into makeup and began creating sustainable beauty products. The lipstick is a favorite, as it melts onto your lips to give you a dazzling radiance of color. Instead of throwing the gorgeous tube out, replenish it or choose another of their flattering colors.

Tan Mousse

  • Australian Glow One Hour Express Tan Mousse $30

It can be hard work to keep your skin tanned all year. Australian Glow launched the first refillable pouch for self-tanning mousse in the world. This means you won’t need to buy new bottles. It’s a win for everyone.

Refillable Compact

  • Jane Iredale DERMSTORE $20

Jane Iredale’s compact refillable is made of aluminum and compatible with all powder refills including the PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation. This bestseller is a foundation, concealer and sunscreen that blurs lines while nourishing with a lightweight, second-skin finish.

Phyto Rouge Shine Refillable Lipstick

  • Sisley Paris $60

Sisley Paris’ most recent launches are also the most eco-friendly. The comfortable, creamy lipstick comes in 12 colors and is easily refilled if you run out.

The Serum

  • Augustinus Bader $350

This is more evidence that luxury brands are making a difference in the sustainable beauty market. Augustinus Bader also launched this serum last year. They now offer a 100% refillable, recyclable aluminum tube that can be slipped into the original glass packaging.

Volumizing Mascara

  • MOB Beauty $24

MOB Beauty’s clean mascara comes in a recyclable tube which you can refill as needed. We can guarantee you will need to refill it often once you experience the volumizing effects.

Brow Cheat Refillable Eyebrow Pencil for Hair-Like Eyebrows

  • Charlotte Tilbury $25

Charlotte Tilbury’s eyebrow pencil is the best for creating voluminous brows. The retractable option is a great way to shape your brows and fill in any missing areas. The spoolie can blend and groom your hairs. Charlotte Tilbury sells $15 refills which you can simply slip into the pencil casing after you have used up the pencil.

The Clean Deo

  • Beautycounter $31

Beautycounter’s deodorant is the first to be made with aluminum-free ingredients and recyclable and refillable cartridges.

Armor Refillable Lip Set

  • Valde $199

Valde’s feathery, gilded lipstick container is too beautiful to throw out. The makeup brand has handy refills for all eight of their luxurious, satiny shades. You can just pop them in. Refills of their lip balms can also be purchased.

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