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What Are the Differences Between BB Cream and Foundation?

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What if you could have flawless skin that hides your imperfections, evens your skin tone and give you the confidence to walk down the aisle? That would be amazing! Although most people think of a foundation and concealer, a product called the BB cream, which is a new product, became extremely popular not too long ago.

Most people confuse a BBcream with a foundation. You might be one of these people.

What is a BB cream?

BB cream, also known as ‘Blemish Balm’, is a cream that covers blemishes. It can also be used to treat skin conditions. A BB cream can be described as a multi-tasker. It offers multiple benefits, including evening out skin tone, nourishing the skin, and providing SPF protection. This makeup-cum-skin-care product protects the skin from damage by free radicals and keeps it hydrated and moisturized.

BB creams are different from moisturizers in that they provide more coverage and offer many skin care benefits, aside from moisturizing.

What is a Foundation?

Foundation has been part of makeup for longer than BB Creams. Foundation is the ‘foundation’ of your makeup. It covers imperfections such as acne marks, pimples and large pores.

Foundations come in a variety of shades and tones, from lighter porcelain to deeper cocoa. Foundations can be used to create flawless makeup.

A BB cream can be confused with a foundation, concealer, or tinted moisturizer. What is the difference between a BBcream and a foundation? The next section will explain.

What is the difference between a BB cream and a foundation?

  • Coverage

The main difference between a foundation and a BB cream is the coverage they provide. Foundations provide complete coverage, but can feel heavy on the skin. A BB cream, on the other hand is lighter and provides less coverage than a foundation. It gives you a natural appearance and does not cover scarring or blemishes like foundation.

  • Skin Care Benefits

Foundations are makeup products, while BB creams can be described as skin care-cum-makeup. BB creams can even tone the skin, reduce the appearance wrinkles and scarring, moisturize the skin and protect it against the damaging UV rays.

Many foundations lack skin care benefits such as moisturizing and anti-aging properties. They do cover up any imperfections and give you a smoother appearance.

  • Skin Types

Although foundations and BB creams can be used for all skin types, BB creams are only suitable for certain skin types. BB creams designed for dry skin, for example, keep it hydrated and prevent breakouts. BB creams for oily skin control oil production and mattify skin.

Foundations can also give oily skin a matte, poreless finish. However, the effect will only last as long as you wear them. The BB cream does not control your skin’s oiliness. Foundations for dry skin types provide a dewy finish but do not moisturize or prevent dryness.

  • Skin Tones

Foundations come in a wider variety of shades than BB Creams. BB creams, on the other hand, are limited in their shades and can only be used with the following skin tones: dark, medium and fair. It is difficult for those with extremely fair or dark skin to find a BBcream shade that suits their skin tone.

  • Protection with SPF

BB creams are generally SPF-protective and can protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Foundations do not have this protection. The SPF of BB Creams can be used in moderate sunlight or shaded areas. For prolonged sun exposure, intense sunlight and prolonged exposure to the sun, it is not sufficient.

A BB cream can be applied in just a few seconds and gives you a natural, flawless, beautiful look. How do you use BB cream?

How to Apply BB Cream

  1. Apply the cream using your fingers or a brush. The cream can be used alone or combined with a moisturizer, sunscreen, and primer.
  2. Apply the BB cream and then you can follow up with a compact, lipstick and eye makeup. Voila! Now you are ready to light the stage.

If you are having a bad day or your skin is reacting to the heat, a BB cream is a great choice. A gentle BB cream can let your skin breathe, and will make it look beautiful.

Scroll down to learn how to apply foundations correctly.

How to Apply Foundation

  1. Apply toner and clean your neck and face. Start with a moisturizer.
  2. First apply primer. Next, apply the foundation.
  3. Apply a little foundation to your neck and face. You can also use a beauty blender or a brush to spread the foundation evenly.
  4. Allow the foundation to set for a few moments after you have applied it. It is possible to apply another layer of foundation prior to applying any other makeup.

You can make your foundation light or full-coverage depending on your needs. For a flawless and well-blended look, allow enough time between layers.

Choose foundation when:

  • Complete coverage is required
  • Makeup for special occasions
  • Bad skin days
  • You want flawless, even skin

Foundations are also helpful for covering a scar or blemish or any pimples that appear oddly on the face.

Now that you know the differences between foundations and BB creams, it is time to decide which one is right for your skin. Although BB creams can give you a natural appearance, they cannot provide the same coverage as foundations. A foundation, on the other hand is essential makeup that does not provide moisturizing or other skin care benefits. Each foundation or BB cream has its purpose and you can choose one of them.

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