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5 Skincare Tips For Beginners

close up photo of boys face

It is essential to take care of your skin. It is the only thing that you put on your face every day. It must be strong and effective to maintain skin’s health and comfort. Brands that are experts in skincare know how to make the best products. They spend years researching ingredients and formulating products. This allows them to promise results while caring about the environment. You might be skeptical about skincare routines if you’re just starting out. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some basic tips for beginners.

  • Your skin type is important

As a beginner in skincare, the first thing you need to understand is your skin type. There are four main types of skin. They are: normal, oily, combination, and dry. Normal skin isn’t characterized by oily or dry skin. Dry skin can feel tight and flakey. It might appear shiny if you have oily skin. However, people with combination skin may feel both oily or dry skin.

It is vital to know your skin type. If you choose the wrong product, such as a product that is suitable for oily skin but is not for dry skin, the problem could worsen. Different skin types have different products, so it is important to know which product you are using.

  • Do not exfoliate too much

People who are not familiar with skincare may believe that exfoliating too often is good for their skin. Exfoliating too often can make things worse. This is especially true if the exfoliator is not very good. Misumi Skincare explains. Exfoliating too frequently can cause the skin to become weaker, which makes it easier for bacteria to penetrate, which leads to more outbreaks.

Exfoliating should be done at maximum twice a week to ensure that your skin is able to withstand the exfoliation. To start, exfoliate once per week. Then, you can try it twice a week to make sure your skin is comfortable with it.

  • All you need is 3 products

Another misconception is that you should use as many skincare products as possible. The logic behind this is that it will not only help. Similar to exfoliating too frequently, this can be harmful for your skin. Too many products can lead to more redness, dryness and irritation. The average number of products used is 3-4.

These three products include a cleanser and moisturizer as well as an exfoliator. You can use sunscreen if you don’t want to use lotion. However, there are also moisturizers that act as sunscreen which are more effective.

  • There are DAY and NIGHT Moisturizers

Next, moisturizer is something you must know. Moisturizers are used to treat and prevent dry skin. Dry skin can cause irritations that can lead to breakouts and acne. You should use both night and day moisturizers.

Because it is lightweight, day moisturizers are great for your skin. Night moisturizers are great for hydrating your skin over several hours. They are usually used when you go to bed and will make your skin feel soft upon waking up.

  • Always use sunscreen

You should also make sure to use sunscreen. This is the best way for your skin to stay healthy over the years. Sunlight can cause skin dryness and increase your risk for skin cancer. Sunscreen can help lower your risk and protect your skin, keeping it younger longer.

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