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Tiger’s Eye Hair is What Everyone Wants This Fall

woman wearing white sun hat

We came across a trend while researching for our fall hair color guide: Tiger’s eye hair. To get the scoop on the look, we spoke to Corey Tuttle (a Honey Artists hairstylist) and Tiffanie Richards (a master colorist at Nunzio Sviano Salon in NYC). Tuttle says that a tigereye, an ancient stone used for protection and confidence, is well-known for its rich browns as well as golds. Tuttle claims that the stone has healing properties, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to start their next adventure with courage, strength, and willpower.

Tuttle explains that Tiger’s eye color is usually created by combining highlights, lowlights and balayage. It is also more durable than the typical Instagram trend. While this hair color may change over time, it will still be a custom-made hair color. It features bold combinations of bronze, gold and dark highlights as well as lowlights. This creates a multi-dimensional look that highlights layers and adds depth and contrast.

To achieve a Tiger’s Eye, subtle highlights are applied to the hair to increase warmth and create movement. Richards explains that you can achieve this effect by foiling or balayage. If you start with a golden brown, you should stick with that color and add something more ashy.

  • Smokey Bob

This cool version of the tiger’s eyes hair looks great with dark blonde highlights. Your complexion will determine whether you prefer this to traditional warm highlights. Tuttle says that deep bronzes and honeygolds work well with warm undertones, while cool undertones look better with icy, neutral colors.

  • Golden Highlights

Taraji P. Henson’s warm, chunky brown highlights are another way to incorporate this style. This shows that the tiger’s eye techniques work well with shorter styles.

  • Long and luscious

Tiger eye is great for hair that lasts days and months. The length allows you to experiment with highlights, color shifts and lots of dimension.

When it comes to highlights, remember that less is more. The highlight color will determine the shade of your base color. Richards says that the highlight should be no more than a shade of the base.

  • Curly and Full

Jessica Szhor’s curls are a great example of the depth and beauty of this coloring. We love the cool, blonde highlights that are woven through a brunette base.

  • Contrasting Strands

As seen in Logan Browning’s black and gold look, Tiger’s eye hair can have a higher contrast. Tuttle suggests that you use a shampoo to prolong the life of color-treated hair. However, it is important not to shampoo your hair too often. Overtone offers a range of color-specific products. Tuttle suggests that you use hydrating conditioner after shampoo and before. To keep hair healthy, also use a leave-in.

  • Waves of Lion’s Mane

J. Lo is the true pioneer of tiger eye hair. The honeyed, wavy hair of Jennifer is a picture most people associate with the phrase. This classic look will never go out of fashion.

  • Before and after

A rich brunette with subtle highlights and subtle colors is another way to go. Tuttle says that tigers’ eye hair is created by mixing “deep warm caramel, brown, and gold tones that vary across a spectrum, marked with darker roots fading to lighter ends.”

  • Streaked

Jessica Alba’s pin-straight, layered hair shows the depth of her color. The center part of her hair looks modern, but still has a vintage 70s feel.

Richards notes that this color is great for any hair texture, but it looks best on straightened hair. This is because it will show off the subtle differences between the base and highlights.

  • Many textures

Look at the volume! Waves are a great way to show off the many facets of your tigers’ eye hair. To give your hair a wind-swept look, you can use a texturizing product such as Ouai Dry Texture Foam ($28).

  • Golden Curls

Beyonce’s huge golden crown may not be the most wearable accessory. But her golden tiger eye curls can easily switch to everyday life, even for those who aren’t Beyonce fans. You can create the perfect tiger eye with different hair textures by using highlights and lowlights. This gives the illusion of more volume, which is necessary.

  • Old Hollywood Waves

Kate Beckinsale shows how an old-school style is given a modern twist with tiger eye highlights. Her deep roots are transformed by well-placed blonde streaks, and a flurry of curls.

  • Blonde Balayage

Tiger’s eye can use a variety highlighting techniques, including ombre and balance. This color fades from brunette at its roots to pale blonde at the ends. This is a more dramatic version than the other options we have seen. Tuttle also points out that this trend is customizable.

  • Copper

This look has a reddish-tinged trend toward copper. This look isn’t the most tiger eye-inspired, but it’s still a great choice if you don’t like the idea of having dramatically lighter ends.

  • Rose Gold

Tiger eye hair is naturally a brunette or blonde color with a hint of red. But the reddish brown shade can be highlighted by a touch of rose gold.

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