man in gray quarter-sleeved shirt singing

Baby Keem Announces Family Ties with Kendrick Lamar

man in gray quarter-sleeved shirt singing

Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar will reunite for “Family Ties”, their latest collaboration. The pgLang artist shared a family photo with Keem as well as Lamar on Instagram. Except for the cousins, everyone else has their eyes covered in a black stripe, similar to K-Dot’s good boy, album art.

Keem added the caption: “Family ties Thursday // 9pm PST.” The track features Cardo’s production and was premiered in a promotional video that revealed Keem’s inclusion to the pgLang roster. In April, Keem teamed up again with Travis Scott to release the single “durag activitiy” and the solo “no sense” in March.

The 2021 releases will follow 2020’s “hooligans”, and “sons&critics”, but there is no date yet for The Melodic Blue.

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