silhouette of three woman with hands on the air while dancing during sunset

Ayesha Curry’s secrets to keeping calm and glowing on

silhouette of three woman with hands on the air while dancing during sunset

Ayesha Curry is all about joy, gratitude, and Curry wants to help others do the same. Stocked with an emphasis on Black- and female-owned brands, as well as those from local Bay Area makers, Curry’s marketplace is chockablock with beautiful objects–and things to make you feel more beautiful from the inside out.

What are your top wellness strategies?

I think, to each their own, and everyone is going to find their own source of serenity, but I have found a few things that have worked for me. My morning starts with a cup  which contains elderberry and ginger. It soothes both my body and my mind.

What about sport?

It’s become such a ritual in my house that even my daughters request it now. It’s a great way to be outside. My husband and me love to hike, bike, and paddleboard. Moving your body often can help you to calm your mind, even if it’s running at 100 miles per hour.

You’re absolutely glowing. How do you care for your skin?

I’ve actually been developing a line of Sweet July skin care inspired by my Jamaican roots. Our products have transformed my skin’s appearance and feel. We are getting closer to our launch, and I can’t wait for people to try these products. This line is truly a labor of love.

How do you find joy and gratitude in life’s everyday moments?

Because of my hectic day, I had been missing so much. It was about taking the time to slow down, to take a deep breath, to enjoy my cup of coffee and not rush to get it. It has helped me to be more grounded and grateful. It’s a small thing that makes a big difference every day.

When I think of the phrase “sweet July,” I think of summer–peaches, fresh corn on the cob, cookouts, fresh air, long days, swimming, hiking, nature. What are you thinking about?

Sunscreen, happy kids playing outside, sweet corn, crisp salads with lots of citrus, late dinners on the patio, iced coffee, fresh breezy linens, and pitchers of cold drinks.

What do you hope it will become?

The inspiration behind Sweet July is all about embracing life’s moments, big and small–whether that’s in one’s own personal practice of daily gratitude, or on a larger scale, shining a spotlight on a diverse array of people, stories, and perspectives. I wanted something inspiring and accessible, whether it was in our Oakland magazine or in our physical space. I want to grow this community to make a greater impact on people’s lives and to find more ways to support one another.

Sweet July includes a brick-and-mortar store in Oakland, a product line, a magazine, and a production company. What other products can you offer than your own?

We focus on products for the self and home, aesthetically beautiful but also exceptionally made and truly functional. Our team is always on the lookout for the best products and we also search for brands and makers that share a compelling story. Sweet July features brands that are Black-owned and female-founded, as well as many brands created right here at the Bay Area.

What about your magazine–how do you curate what goes in? Is it possible to do the writing?

The magazine is the product of an incredibly talented creative and editorial team. The process usually begins with a theme. This is often reflective of the current cultural zeitgeist or year. We look for stories that inspire and delicious recipes that match the theme.

I write pieces along with a collective of other amazing writers, often specialists in the subjects we discuss. My mother Carol and Riley, our youngest writer in the family are also featured. It is truly amazing to see the multigenerational perspective on each issue. I love this because we all have so much to share.

And what are you working on with the production company?

We recently announced a Title IX miniseries that we will be co-producing and producing with Falkon Entertainment. On the digital front, we have an exciting collaboration with Meredith Corporation in the works, which will be a new cooking series called One and Done featuring some of my favorite one-pot recipes.

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