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Hi 20-Somethings, Here are the Reasons You Should Use Retinol

You think that Retinol is just for wrinkles? This is a common thought if you are anything like me. Retinol-based products have been promoted for their ability reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Retinol is also beneficial for those in their 20s, like me.

To control my acne, I used a prescription for retinol when I was in highschool. After a few years, I finally decided to try Accutane. Two years later, the glow that Accutane gave me is gone. I am noticing some minor breakouts and some scarring. Re-enter retinol! Even if you’re not looking for anti-aging benefits, here’s all you need to know about Retinol!

Facts about Retinol

Retinol, a vitamin A-based component that promotes cell renewal, is one example. Dr. Fatima Fahs, dermatologist, says that retinol can exfoliate dead skin cells. This can result in smoother skin, less skin problems, glowing skin, and fewer wrinkles.

Retinol can be used to reduce acne in your 20s–especially small-sized comedonal breakouts.
Dr. Fahs stated that the substance seems stubborn and causes textural changes. It will also brighten your skin, which is a great thing for anyone who loves a glowing complexion. Retinol can also lighten dark spots, scarring, or sun spots.

Dr. Fahs also mentioned that retinol increases collagen production, resulting in plumper skin and reduced pores.

For patients suffering from severe sunburn, wrinkles, or severe acne, dermatologists often prescribe Tretinoin, a concentrated Vitamin A-based medication. This medication is more harsh on the skin than many over-the-counter medications and comes in three strengths: 0.025%, 0.05% and.1%. However, retinol-based products are now readily available at drugstores and beauty shops in lower doses.

Retinol Dos & Don’ts

To avoid irritation or allergic reactions, start slowly. Dr. Fahs suggested that you apply a small amount of the product to your entire face. You can start by using the product once a week or every few days. You can increase the frequency you use the product as your tolerance increases.

You should moisturize! Dr. Fahs suggested that if you have dry skin, you can try the “sandwich” method. This involves moisturizing before and after you apply retinol.

Retinol should not be used as a spot treatment. This could cause irritation and dryness.

Be consistent! Dr. Fahs stated that results take time. “Retinols do a lot of work and you won’t see much improvement for 6-12 weeks.” Keep going, the glow-up is real!

My Recommendations

I searched for retinol products that would not break the bank nor require a prescription when I was resuming my use of retinol. Here are the best retinol products I discovered during my research.

  • VERSED Retinol Gentle Serum – Press Restart

After Skincare by Hyram recommended it as an excellent introductory option, I decided to buy this one. It was in stock at Target so I highly recommend getting it if you can. This serum is very gentle with a.03% of retinol. I wanted to be safe after so many years. It has a smooth, gel-like consistency, and it doesn’t burn when applied (a big plus for retinol which can be irritating at high concentrations). The added chlorophyll is an antioxidant that fights against free radicals. It gives it a slight green tint.

  • THE INKEY LIST Retinol Anti-Aging Serum

I love The Inkey List for affordable and effective skincare. Their retinol cream is just $9.99. Sephora reviews have stated that this serum is safe enough to use at night. Squalane is also included in the ingredient list, which promotes overnight moisture, so you won’t feel the dry effects of retinol. A retinol-based cream for the eyes is also available. It promises to reduce fine lines, increase collagen, and brighten your skin!

  • THE ORDINARY Retinol 0.5% in Squalane

A fan favorite for under $10. The Ordinary’s retinol contains squalane, similar to the Inkey List. This makes it gentler and safer for nightly use. The Ordinary offers a variety of products with different concentrations of retinol derivatives. These can be customized to suit your skin type and needs. It’s gentler than other options and is a great starting point.

Final Results

Retinol is not something to be afraid of. Although retinol is sometimes prescribed by dermatologists in high concentrations, and may be targeted at wrinkles, there are many other benefits. The options offered at beauty shops and drugstores are gentler and more affordable than many of the alternatives. After using Versed retinol for a week, my blackheads disappeared and my skin felt glowing. Retinol is a great ingredient to combat acne, dull skin and uneven texture. You’ll also be preventing future wrinkles! What more could you ask for?

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