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A Guide to Tarte Creaseless Concealer and Make-up Brushes

Tarte Cosmetics became the most trusted authority in concealers when they launched their holy grail Shape Tape Contour Concealer. Although the brand’s other concealer products weren’t very popular, Shape Tape was the benchmark for future releases. Shape Tape was awarded the Allure Reader’s Choice Award as the No. Shape Tape, the No. 1 concealer brand (via Tarte Cosmetics), was a difficult act to follow.

Shape Tape quickly became everyone’s favorite concealer. No other concealer could match it for years. Tarte Cosmetics launched a whole Shape Tape line of products, including foundations and setting powders. Everyone listened when the new Tarte concealer became a must-have. The Tarte Maracuja wrinkleless concealer was actually a revamped version one of Tarte Cosmetics early product releases, which predates the Shape Tape era.

Although some people may not be able to recognize the original Maracuja creaseless concealer tube, the new bottle has received a lot of attention. Hilary Duff is a huge fan of this concealer, and she was one of the few (via New Beauty).

Tarte’s creaseless concealer is a great way to get a little extra

This new full coverage concealer is bold in its claims. It claims it “completely covers dark circles, redness and other imperfections.” Maracuja spheres encapsulated create natural dewiness, so your undereyes look more awake and refreshed. Tarte says, “Waterproof formula won’t crease nor sit in lines.” Brightens and smoothes the skin for a more lifted appearance. Extra care for dry skin. 16-hour hydration. These are high expectations (via Tarte Cosmetics).

Many YouTube beauty channels started to feature the creaseless concealer, with many people raving about its flawless creaselessness. TikTok made it even more popular, with users claiming that even a tiny amount of concealer can make a big difference. We gave it a rating of 4.5 stars. The concealer was able to brighten the under-eyes completely, with minimal application. It also provided incredible coverage, didn’t settle in creases or move around, while keeping the skin hydrated.

Although this concealer has many admirers, there are some negative reviews you should consider before buying it. Users have complained that it isn’t crease-free or too sticky, and can be difficult to blend. One user went as far as to claim, “It is not creaseless” or “Way too sticky and super hard to blend.” (via Influenster). Like most beauty products, you don’t know until you actually try it.


Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate the maze of makeup. There are so many brands, products and formulas out there that even the most passionate beauty enthusiasts need guidance from time to time. This is especially true for makeup application. While trends and styles change constantly, one thing remains constant – is great makeup brushes.

Contrary to color trends changing with the seasons, once you find a great brush, it will stay with you until the end. It doesn’t have be difficult to find the perfect makeup brush.

Based on user reviews and makeup artists’ favorites, we have compiled a list that includes the best brushes in each category. This allows you to focus more on the application and enjoy trying out new products. These products may be expensive or budget-friendly but they are all top-of the line in their respective categories.

Brush for foundation of the highest quality

  • Artis

This foundation brush is the best. There are many good brushes, but this Artis Elite Mirror Palm Brush is the best. It’s elite! It says that this brush is the best for cream, liquid, and powder foundations. It is easy to hold and can be used for precise application. This brush is an obvious standout in the beauty world. This brush isn’t just a quirky trend. It really works.

A brush like this is not cheap. The price for the palm-shaped brush is $65, but reviews say it’s well worth it. It will last forever in your makeup bag once you have purchased it. This brush is a hit, especially with all the glowing reviews.

Two outstanding concealer brushes at very distinct prices

  • Rae Morris

There’s nothing better than knowing that you have the best concealer brush available. You also have the option of choosing from a variety of top-quality products at different price points. Business Insider says Rae Morris’ Jishaku angle Eye Blender is the best concealer brush available. It costs $90. You read that right. Erin Parsons, celebrity makeup artist, tells BI that the Rae Morris Angle Eye Blender blends seamlessly with my concealer and keeps the opacity I need for darkness.

  • Morphe

The publication found an equally great option in Morphe’s 173 Chubby Concealer Brush. Are you ready for the best? It’s $7. While we recommend that you invest in top-quality brushes, we are not saying that it is a bad idea. Morphe brushes have a stellar reputation, so you don’t need to worry about not getting a good brush.

Every skill level can use the contour brush

  • Huda Beauty

Contouring is by far the most difficult part of makeup application. Although contouring is not an essential step in your makeup routine this brush will help you to get started. Huda Beauty’s Sculpt & Shape Brush is great for contouring, no matter what your level of skill. This brush is great, whether it’s part of your daily routine or if you just want to give it a try.

According to Influencer the double-sided brush allows you to apply contour and also fix mistakes. Let’s face it, not everyone can achieve perfect contour. Even Huda Beauty, a well-known brand, knows that mistakes can happen in makeup application. It’s the eraser and pencil you didn’t know you needed. This is a winner, if ever we have heard one.

The bronzer brush that will end all bronzer brushes

  • Sigma

This brush is for you if you are looking for soft bristles and flawless bronze at a reasonable price. It says the Sigma F29 Bronze Brush will warm up your skin. This $20 brush is easy to use and lasts a long time, according to customer reviews. This is the brush for you if you are looking to buy a quality brush that will last.

The Sigma brush is primarily for powders but there’s another great brush for people who love cream and liquid bronzers. F.A.R.R.A.H. is a better option for powder application than the Sigma brush. The 160F Face Brush is great for liquid and cream application. It’s also cheaper than the Sigma brush so you can get both if needed.

The brand’s go-to eyebrow brush

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills is an expert when it comes to brown products. Marie Claire and Byrdie voted ABH’s Dual-Ended Flat Detail Brush No. 1 in their list. When it comes to eyebrows, this is the number one pick. This double-sided brush features a spoolie and a flat buffing bristle on one side. It makes it easy to define, apply, smoothen out and shape your brows. It costs only $18.

This brush is not linked to other eyebrow brushes. The bristles of this brush are not angled at their ends. Instead, they’re flat. This means you can define your eyebrows and blend concealer or highlighter around the eyes. This is not your standard eyebrow brush. This is what you get when your purchase a top-of the-line brush from a brand that was founded around eyebrow products.

Blush brushes available at all price points

  • Bobbi Brown

Blush is a step that’s often overlooked in a makeup routine. Although it is not as important as a foundation brush it is still worth investing in a good brush. Byrdie says that the Bobbi Brown Blush Brush is the best when it comes blush. It is very versatile and will last for many years. However, you’ll need to spend $62. It’s a lot of money.

  • EcoTools Precision Blush Brush

If you are a beauty lover, the price is definitely worth it. However, there is another brush that is highly rated but is much more affordable. Byrdie also recommends EcoTools Precision Blush Brush. This blush brush is a top-rated one and costs only a fraction of Bobbi Brown’s. It’s actually way cheaper. Ulta has it for $8. You can spend as much or as little as you like on your beauty products. We don’t judge you. You have choices.

You shouldn’t forget the setting brush

  • Ulta

Although this brush isn’t essential, it’s a great addition to any makeup bag. Allure claims that the Real Techniques Setting Brush can be used for all purposes, not just setting. Kate Jane Hughes, a makeup artist, tells Allure that the Real Techniques Setting Brush is “amazing for concealer, foundation, blush, powder — for any detail-oriented work, and for some strange reason, it just lasts forever.

It costs $8. If you don’t think you have a setting brush, you should. A top-rated brush is also the most affordable. It’s the “Macgyver of makeup brushes”, in fact.

These makeup brushes are perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their collection or try new things. You need to upgrade your makeup tools. Having the right makeup brushes is as important as having the right products.

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