two women smiling in front of computer monitor

Are you confused about how to dress for work? We are here to help

two women smiling in front of computer monitor

It’s easy for people to notice the changes after returning to work. Public transportation is busier, traffic is worse during rush hour, and TikTok has many videos of people wearing office outfits this week. After so many years of working remotely, I am finding it difficult to find cute outfits for the office.

Although The Everygirl’s office dress code is casual, I prefer to be professional and well-dressed. For those who work in casual offices, it is sometimes necessary to dress up for special guests or important meetings.

In the summer, dressing for work can be more difficult. The last thing you want is to sweat through your clothes. We’ve compiled six office outfits that you can wear to work. They are not too hot and easy to put on.

Chic and laid back…

The majority of the coolest fashion girls I found were wearing this type of outfit when I searched for “work outfits” in Pinterest. The bodysuit can be used as a base layer to a pair of tailored wide-leg linen trousers with an oversized button-up and a white, fitted-to-fit bodysuit. You’ll feel like you just walked in from Paris with your cute pair of platform sandals, a brown leather bag and this outfit will look amazing.

From the office to your date night

Summer season brings more socializing opportunities due to the warmer weather and longer daylight hours. It is possible to schedule a date right after work, so you will need a look that you can wear from day to night. The combination of chic, block-heeled sandals with a black, lightweight midi dress and a layer necklace that fits perfectly into the neckline of the dress is foolproof.

Business attire that is timeless…

A classic combination of a button-up shirt and a pair of pants, as well as mules, is the best choice for a more formal office. These materials, even though they are covered, are light and breezy so you can be prepared for hot weather as well as the office’s freezing temperatures. Spacious laptop bag will make sure you never have to carry another extra bag.

Casual business attire

There’s a good chance that I will be wearing this type of outfit if I am getting ready for work. It could be a casual top or a blazer and jeans. This look is so popular because it works. You can make it more summery by adding a ribbed tank and a light blazer in pastel colors. A fun tote bag is also a great option. You can complete the look with super-chic nude, slingback mules.

The commuter…

You need to choose the right clothes if you commute by public transport or walking to work. Comfortable shoes, a bag that is easy to carry, and a pair of sunnies are essential. This outfit is a great example of “cool city girl with a cool job.” You can also wear biker shorts underneath if you are worried about chafing or being caught in the wind.

The “let’s have a drink after work “

Summer means more socializing, as I said above. Winter months are all about getting home and cozying up after work. In the summer, however, it’s all about happy hours. You can wear a simple outfit like a white blouse with pull-on linen trousers (lots of space for happy hour apps), all day.

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