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Are Lulus “Vegan Shoes” Really Vegan?

pineapple beside person's feet

Lulus has been my favorite brand for many years. I have recommended many Lulus vegan shoes and jackets as well as their fashionable handbags in several shopping guides. Lulus offers a wide range of stylish and affordable vegan options that are free from animal products. This was something I loved.

It turned out that most shoe glues today are synthetic and non-animal, but that doesn’t mean that all shoe makers are using synthetic glues.

Lulus has many vegan shoes, but are they truly vegan?

Is Lulus Vegan?

This led me to inquire whether Lulus uses nonanimal-based glues for their “vegan” footwear. I asked the brand, and they replied that they did not use animal-based glues.

“Many of our products are made specifically for Lulus by private label producers, so we don’t have an ingredient listing for the shoe glues used. But I want to assure you that all our products are vegan-friendly before they are labeled as “All vegan friendly, made of man-made materials.” It’s also a common practice for the industry to use synthetic glues.”

Lulus’s response doesn’t appear to have verified that the glues used in making their “vegan shoes” were not animal-based or vegan.

They claim that all products labeled vegan are made of vegan-friendly, manmade materials. This does not mean that all materials and fabrics are vegan. We have reached out to over 100 major shoe brands. Some were able confidently to reassure me that their glues weren’t animal-based.

It is disappointing that Lulus cannot guarantee or claim that the glues in their “vegan shoe” are not animal-based.

This alone could be a problem for vegans, as Lulus cannot confirm that its glues are vegan. For others, the glue may not be an issue as many consumers only care about whether shoes are made from vegan leather or fabrics.

You can decide if Lulus products are vegan. However, I wanted to share the information that was given to me.

Is Lulus Ethical?

Lulus was also rated as a ‘We Avoid’ on the Good On You app. Lulus does not provide enough information on how it can reduce its impact on the environment, animals, or people.

Additionally, we were unable to find any information about Lulus’ sustainability and social practices. While we love the fact that Lulus offers a variety of vegan products, due to their lack transparency and information about their ethical practices, we are not recommending them.

There are so many amazing vegan and ethical alternatives on the market that it’s hard to believe that you should continue to support companies that ignore these issues.

Lulus Vegan Alternatives

The following vegan shoe brands are affordable and stylish, which I recommend to Lulus

  • BC Footwear
  • It’s spring!
  • Blue District
  • Matt & Nat
  • NAE Shoes
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