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“And Just Like That” Performed a Fake Funeral Scene in an Attempt to Stop Spoilers

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You had a high chance of accidentally finding major spoilers for the HBO Max revival of Sex and the City if you were a Sex and the City lover who was on the internet in the last few months.

The paparazzi invaded the set during filming in New York City this summer and eagle-eyed followers were constantly sending real-time sightings to Deuxmoi’s Instagram gossip account.

Although most leaks were quite innocuous, such as when Carrie Bradshaw and Miranda Hobbes were spotted having lunch, long-sighted photographers with long lenses were able get a close-up look at a script. It seemed that a major spoiler was revealed: Carrie and her husband Mr. Big, Chris Noth, were not together.

Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max: “I was recording the podcast. I was washing my hair. Although I wasn’t sleeping or eating, at least I felt better about my marriage. “Now I’m just one wife he was taking care,” Carrie’s leaked script read.

Page Six believed that the couple were in the midst of a divorce at the time, but the premiere episode Dec. 9 revealed the real reason Carrie was lonely (spoiler alert!) ): Mr. Big suffers a heart attack following his 1,000th Peloton ride.

The shocking twist was kept from the public eye by Michael Patrick King, executive producer and showrunner.

King said that Noth was dressed up in his character for Mr. Big’s funeral scene. This was to get rid of ever-lurking paparazzi and fans. King later published photos of Noth outside the funeral venue in black.

King laughed, “We had to have some redherrings!”

Nicole Ari Parker, actress who plays Lisa Todd Wexley as newcomer, revealed that there were many precautions taken to prevent leaks. She said contracts were so tight that it was like “signing your firstborn away.”

King’s plan worked. Noth was already confirmed to be returning to the show, and was even seen in Paris filming alongside production. However, that may have been another fake-out to keep King’s bluff going.

Many people believed that Samantha Jones was the one who had been buried at the funeral. Fans speculated that Kim Cattrall, the actress who refused to sign up for the revival series’ renewal, was killed by the writers to explain her absence. They came up with a more legitimate excuse.

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