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An Ode to Phoebe Philo’s Timeless Personal Style

silver-colored earrings

Phoebe Philo is one of the most admired current designers. After the recent announcement of Phoebe Philo’s, Philophiles are abuzz about their sartorial North Star. They praise her modern, bourgeois approach to intellectually-charged womenswear. As GQ’s Corporate Lunch podcast recently highlighted, the line between her personal style, and her design sensibility is often blurred. Many fandoms associate her minimalist style with her more conventional, sometimes eccentric collections. (In fairness, Daria Werbowy, who is Philo’s doppelganger, is most often seen in campaigns). Could it be that Philo is her personal style and her design aesthetic are much more bizarre than we remember?

This minimalism is so famous for more to what Philo wears than what she creates. Celine is often hailed as the arbiter of 2010’s favourite normcore. This is basically a stylized version “normal” fashion. However, Philo’s personal style makes this concept more meaningful. Although she didn’t embrace the Steve Jobs-esque creative uniform like Michael Kors, Celine was a beloved designer who came close to it with a uniform-adjacent style that favors slightly different versions of the same sartorial concept. This idea? These timeless wardrobe staples are a great way to show your cool side.

Though simple at first glance, Philo’s style emphasized superior details disguised in classic silhouettes. The essentials of Philo’s wardrobe are a cuff, a timeless trouser, great sneakers, and a well-cut trousers. She is a woman after our hearts. She said that she loved, and absolutely loves, menswear. Her ensembles are still as stylish in 2021 as they were ten years ago, despite major shifts in fashion trends. Although Celine is not plus, you can recreate the same look with other brands today, such as Tibi, A.P.C. Joseph, Toteme and many others. They all aim to achieve the same look. You won’t get bored of these modern silhouettes after a few seasons, so take a page from Philo.

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