white and blue boats on body of water under blue and white cloudy sky during daytime

A Insider’s Guide To Newport, RI

white and blue boats on body of water under blue and white cloudy sky during daytime

We have a new article series, allowing us to travel with tastemakers on overnight trips around the globe. This week, we are joining Manager of Partnerships as he spends 48 hour in Newport, RI. You can read his recommendations for the best places to eat, shop and stay.

How did you decide on this location for your trip? Did you plan a specific itinerary or a weekend of exploration?

“It was a bit of both! Although I’d been there before, I knew which places I wanted to return to. I also wanted to see what had changed. The weekend was spent wandering from one restaurant to another, with occasional strolls around the town. We did most of our shopping spontaneously, but we did find a few great shops. It has been a great city to watch grow over the years.

Where did you stay? Which type of accommodation did you choose (hotel, cabins, private homes, tents, etc.)?

“We chose to stay at one of the newly opened boutique hotels. It was centrally located in downtown and overlooking Newport Harbor. This made it an ideal spot for anyone who wants to be able walk everywhere. The hotel was newly constructed and the rooms were cozy and welcoming with all the amenities. Overall, the property is a modern sanctuary that features a large outdoor lounge, lively bar and restaurant with views of the harbor. It also offers outdoor seating, delicious Italian wine, and local oysters.

What were some of your favorite meals?

The Bannister’s Wharf is a great spot for a cup of coffee with sweeping views over the harbor. This is the ideal spot to enjoy a mid-day espresso or delicious baked goods, including the zucchini bread. It also has a charming covered terrace that overlooks the harbor. You can get the best lobster roll around for lunch at – their motto is “we only ever sell what we catch”. A little further from town, you will find the Cliff Walk and a nice restaurant. This place offers a wide selection of New England fried seafood and has been in business since 1936. Both offer a formal sit-down dinner in lively settings with local seafood choices. A Mexican street food restaurant, whose elevated Mexican cuisine is a favorite in a city filled with seafood restaurants, is another favourite. Newport’s culinary scene is full of amazing restaurants!

What was the local scene like? Let us know what you think about the atmosphere.

“Newport is truly a quintessential New England town with a bustling harbor, historic mansions, and cobblestone streets dating back many centuries. There are quaint residential streets that run alongside the main street, lined with many shops and restaurants. These streets are home to historic homes dating back to the 1700s. You will find a variety of shops with local artisans and antique stores that offer amazing treasures, as well as hole-in the-wall restaurants. There are also beaches open to the public outside of Newport’s main harbor. These are known as the “First, Second, or Third Beaches”.

How did you dress for the trip? What did climate, culture, and the itinerary affect your style choices

“Being that Newport is situated right on the ocean, it does have a tendency to be a few degrees cooler as the sun sets. Layers that can be worn from day to night were essential. I packed lightweight layers such as linen blend pants and overshirts, along with basic t-shirts. Because everything is centrally situated, it was easy to walk everywhere. I also needed sensible shoes. It has a relaxed atmosphere that doesn’t require too many dressy options. Casual pieces that can be mixed-and-matched are best.”

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