man putting wallet on suit pocket

5 Best American Made Wallet Brands

man putting wallet on suit pocket

If you are interested in the top American-made wallets, you are in a right place! This article will review a variety of wallet styles and brands to determine which ones are the best. Leathercraft has been a part of America’s history since its inception. This includes the early days of the country and the Native Americans, who used the hide from the buffalo for over 200 years. This trade was passed down and has led to a wide range of leathercraft brands with a rich heritage of American-made wallets. America is now the number one country for innovative wallets. With the rise of crowdfunding platforms and wallets, new brands have emerged to offer a variety of wallets made of unusual or unique materials. Some even go so far as to use materials that were never used before in the production of wallets.

Dango Wallets

This brand was founded in 2016 in California, USA. They are one of the most successful wallet brands to have raised over $300K through a variety different Kickstarter campaigns. Dango is most well-known for their tactical wallets. They offer a variety of wallets with unique features that are perfect for anyone who wants them. These features range from key storage to multi-tools. Each wallet is unique and attractive, with designs unlike any other wallet brand.

Dango’s Dango D01 Dapper and Dango T01 Tactical Wallet are our personal favorites. Each wallet is minimalistic and made of premium materials, with the main material being steel. The dapper was a great choice for camping or traveling in America’s many national parks. Dango wallets aren’t cheap. They start at $35.00 for the S1 Stealth and go up to over $100 for the top models. Dango wallets work best for those who need unique features in their wallets. They are ideal for people who are more outdoorsy and who may require multi-tool style features.

Trayvax Wallets

The brand was founded in 2013, Washington, USA. This wallet is very similar to Dango Trayvax. It came about after a series of successful crowdfunding campaigns. Trayvax, like Dango, offers a range of unique metal wallets. Their wallet range focuses more on unique functionality, durability and style. Trayvax’s range is made from a variety of materials and often combines metal with elastic and leather. This creates highly stylized wallets. Mark King, the founder of Trayvax, set out to create a product which would give back and reduce plastic bag use. The original Trayvax wallet was the result of this dream.

The Trayvax Element wallet is our favorite wallet from the Trayvax collection and probably the best representation of the brand overall. The Trayvax Element Wallet is a rugged version of a traditional leather wallet. It features a sturdy metal frame and premium-quality full-grain leather. It is extremely versatile, with large cash and card storage. We also like the handy attachment hook that allows to attach a necklace and use it as a backpack.

Mr. Lentz Wallets

This American brand was founded in Colorado, USA in 2011. The brand has western-cowboy aesthetics. It is owned by Mr. Lentz, the founder. This brand is a handcrafted wallet made in America that reflects the authentic midwest aesthetic. You will be amazed by the range of wallets from Mr. Lentz. This is evident in their distinctive designs and variety of wallet styles. You can choose from a slim bifold or large biker wallet.

Mr. Lentz uses only high-quality, full-grain leathers and has a unique style to suit your needs. All wallets are made in America so you know you’re getting high-quality products from an American brand. The classic Biker wallet is our favorite wallet from Mr. Lentz. The wallet’s slim design is complemented by its free chain that allows you to attach it to your belt or bag. The handmade nature of the Mr. Lentz range makes it stand out. You can add personalization to any wallet. You can personalize your wallet with your initials, logo or image. The wallets of Mr. Lentz start at $60 and go up to about $114, which is an affordable price for anyone.

Pioneer Wallets

The brand was founded in 2016 in California. USA Pioneer is a new wallet brand that offers a different take on traditional wallets for men. This brand was born out of a successful crowdfunding campaign. It is most well-known for using the materials 10XD, 3PN and other traditional materials like leather. These materials are 10x stronger than steel, have an easy to use feel, and can be machine washed. It is amazing in terms of functionality. The entire range can be customized to meet your needs.

The Molecule cardholder is our favorite wallet from the Pioneer range. The minimalist design of this wallet is very simple. It can hold 4-6 cards, and has a variety slots (one on the front and one on the back) for easy storage. There’s also a main slot that can be used to fold cash. The unique material and build quality of this wallet are what I love about minimalist wallets.

Buffalo Jackson Wallets

The brand was founded in 2009, Colorado, USA. If you are looking for a brand that reflects the American tradition, then Buffalo Jackson is your best choice. The brand was founded on the basis of a love of adventure and a commitment to living a similar lifestyle. Every leather product, including wallets, is infused with this mantra. They aim to improve your daily life. Buffalo Jackson offers a wide range of wallets, including a variety of sizes and shapes.

Buffalo Jackson wallets are made of top-grain vegetable tanned leather. This leather is the best we have ever seen and it has a slight smell. It also has a hardy texture and must be broken in to make it work well. The wallet will develop a beautiful patina over time that gives it a unique texture and unique pattern. The Denver Trifold wallet and the Dakota Money Clip wallet are our favorites. They both offer great functionality and feature rich wallets. These wallets are worth checking out. A Buffalo Jackson wallet is a great brand that truly embodies the American spirit.

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