white bedspread inside room

Airbnb’s Non Profit Organization Offers Temporary Housing for Disaster Victims

white bedspread inside room

Airbnb.org provides an emergency response program that helps those affected by natural disasters. The non-profit provides emergency assistance to those affected by natural disasters, regardless of whether it is a wildfire or flood, tropical storm, earthquake or other.

Shell’s bravery was the catalyst for Airbnb’s independent nonprofit. Since 2012, it has helped in hundreds of disasters across the globe. The program was founded in 2012 and has been a catalyst for many disasters around the world.

Any interested Airbnb host can offer free or discounted accommodation to people affected by such emergencies. This is a great opportunity for Airbnb hosts to help those in crisis. Traditional shelters and emergency housing have become increasingly difficult due to the current health crisis. In addition, hosts who participate in the effort by offering free stays or making donations will be given a badge on their profile to acknowledge their community contributions.

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