man in black robe wearing white face mask

U-Mask’s Pure Air World Initiative helps you stay safe and clean the air

man in black robe wearing white face mask

U-Mask’s innovative face protection blends aesthetics, hygiene and sustainability to address the growing market for masks. It also aims to improve air quality. Since 2006, the U-Earth strategy has used locally installed Pure Air Zones to monitor and clean the environment.

U-Mask supplies a range of industries, including schools and businesses, and has donated its findings to many hospitals fighting COVID-19 epidemics. With a sustainability-focused design, the mask’s cover is reusable, washable and crafted from 100% regenerated nylon sourced from plastic waste discarded in the ocean.

Being the mask of choice for several Formula 1 and MotoGP teams as well as sported by the likes of Nicolas Cage and Robert Pattinson, the U-Mask is comprised of four filtration layers as well as a protective cover. It has an internal natural antiproliferative layer and the Italian brand’s Biolayer(r). It can also be refilled to allow for reusability up to 200 hours. This trademark technology offers two-way protection and self-sanitizing functions through its unique antiproliferative function. It can catch and kill viruses and bacteria, as well as catching them.

U-Mask, which is made from a flexible fabric that molds to your face, is available in three sizes and 14 colors.

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