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Add these 5 Concealed Carry Belts to Your EDC Collection

black and brown leather boots

The Ultimate Steel Core

The Ultimate Steel Core belt is very strong indeed. To increase durability in holster wear, the spring steel insert is an additional component. This brand was already known for making amazing belts.

The new lining makes this one even more valuable. This belt has a higher weight capacity and is no longer susceptible to holster flop.

It is great for everyday use, but it is best for CCW carry. This belt is one of the most reliable CCW belts. This belt is manufactured in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.


  1. Lined with spring steel
  2. Superior build quality compared to all market offerings
  3. Excellent brand and great customer service


  1. There are no real cons – even though the price is slightly higher

Why it’s recommended

The Ultimate Steel Core is the right choice for those who require maximum carrying capacity. A belt built to last as long as the warranty is valid can’t be beat.


The Blackhawk is a well-known belt that has been used for tactical general duty for many years. Although the Blackhawk’s color options are excellent and its durability is impressive, it is lighter than other belts on this list.

This is the perfect choice for anyone who needs lightweight but not too strong, although they will need to sacrifice some rigidity. Although the buckles are fantastic and the build details are superb, this bag is not for those with larger guns.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Amazing color options
  3. Proven brand, and even a proven belt
  4. There are many options for adjustment


  1. Perhaps a little too light for some users

Why it’s recommended

The Blackhawk is a multi-purpose belt that is versatile and can be used for small items, as well as as a backup belt. It also excels at being a belt for those who are counting ounces in their overall rig. Even though it is light and comfortable, the belt can be rigid.


The Gootus design is very similar to the one we have previously covered in the same style. The same information has been used for this holster, although it has some minor changes to account for the extended-size version.

This design works best for people with larger build and smaller guns that need to be carried in more intense situations like running or doing physical activity.

Because the belt is made of Velcro and Neoprene with elastic parts integrated, it will only last for a year or so. It may be worth it to replace the Velcro and elastic every year, depending on the cost and use case.


  1. It’s a great way to stay active and still be able to carry your stuff.
  2. Excellent for subcompact guns
  3. Unisex – although this model is designed for very large users


  1. Marketing is optimistic about the potential of the holster belt
  2. It will eventually wear out due to the materials used. However, it will still serve you well until that time.

Why it’s recommended

For a while, the Gootus can be a great holster belt until the materials stop working. This is the perfect choice if you want to have Velcro, elastic, or neoprene.

Wolf Tactical

The Wolf Tactical is best for users who prefer an over-the-waist fit to the belt, rather than a belt loop.

This buckle is great for a duty belt. However, you don’t want it to pass through a loop. The QD buckle is extremely well-built and the overall quality of the belt is excellent.

It is affordable and can hold heavy loads while riding on the hips lower makes it an excellent full-time duty belt. You can use it with most belt loops. However, the larger buckle might make it difficult to fit some loop sets.


  1. This belt is great for everyday use and doesn’t need to go through belt loops. Instead, it can ride on your hips.
  2. It is quick and easy to attach for emergency responders, who can easily drop their belts as required – perhaps not the best for law enforcement.
  3. This is a great option for casual carriers who only occasionally need to purchase something but do not want to wait too long.


  1. Some belt loops may not be compatible with it

Why it’s recommended

For those who need quick in/out of their belts, the Wolf Tactical is a great choice. It is not intended to be worn as a casual belt. However, it can be used for a more serious purpose. However, it does have a specific look.

Rescomp Competition Super Hi-Torque Belt

This is an outer carry holster belt which can be worn outside your regular belt. It’s for big guns and larger users who need a precise position for their firearm.

This belt is a competition one. It has a feature set which offers significant carryover from concealed carry to competition. Although it is not the most concealable gun belt, it can still be concealed if it is properly worn and if you have larger guns that require looser clothing.


  1. This holster is designed for heavy guns that have a particular OWB holster position.
  2. Brownell’s has great design features and a great warranty
  3. High-quality Velcro with a detail-oriented design


  1. This list may not contain as many concealable items as the others.

Why it’s recommended

Rescomp Hi Torque is for those who want to retain their OWB but with exceptional features.

There are many types of belts that can conceal concealed carry weapons

This article is simple, since there’s not much new technology in this market’s belt segment that hasn’t been covered. These aren’t your ordinary belts. In some cases they have warranties for your entire life, or even for a hundred years.

  • Leather Belts

Leather belts are the original CCW Belt. They have a classic look, excellent natural properties and are extremely durable. They can also be used with leather holsters.

  • Velcro Belts

Velcro belts have the best flexibility, are easy to use and hold well. However, they will eventually need to be replaced. A Velcro belt can be a great choice if you don’t want leather but you need to understand that the hook and loop Velcro will eventually wear out and need to be replaced.

  • Nylon Non-Velcro Belts

They can be used as a direct substitute for leather, and they are lighter than leather. This is the best choice for those who want to combine holster wear with a hybridized approach. These holsters are versatile in their ability to be adjusted to any accessory.

Isn’t it just a regular belt, or?

These belts are not regular belts. They are made of a thicker material than the average market offering and can hold an incredible amount of weight, while maintaining balance and comfort.

These belts are great, even if they don’t have a holster. When it comes to concealing a firearm, you need strength, dexterity and durability in your belt. These holsters can hold up to 5 lbs of firearm inside your pants. They also keep your pants up without ripping your belt loops.

Here are some considerations

  1. It is important to make sure your normal pants can accommodate the additional width of the belt. Some belt loops are just not up to the task.
  2. Holsters are important.
  3. The belt material must be durable and retain its integrity. This is especially important since the holster will be worn in one spot for many years.
  4. The majority of these belts must be removed at metal detector units. They will trigger the machine.
  5. Unless you are law enforcement, military or law enforcement, you won’t be carrying any firearm in those instances.
  6. All these belts can be worn as normal belts, but they do not look fancy or fashion-forward. Even the most beautiful leather belts aren’t the best in fashion.

You can have a concealable, stealthy, or bulky belt, depending on your preference. However, there are no two belts that are identical, except for the two, neoprene band-style holsters belts.

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