woman in purple lace knitted long-sleeved dress during daytime

Stylists shares 8 ways of wearing a sheer lace dress

woman in purple lace knitted long-sleeved dress during daytime

I nearly wept when news broke that sheer clothing would be making a comeback by 2022. Transparent clothing completed the trio of most controversial fashion trends I grew up with, and it looked pretty (albeit mockingly!) next to dramatic cutouts and low-rise jeans. “Whatever happened? Less is more!” As I gazed lovingly at my cute, but comfortable, athleisure tops, and millennial mom jeans, I thought. My conservative ways of thinking were thrown out the window when I was presented with the sheer lace gown.

The Jonas Brothers say that I am a sucker for lace. I am obsessed with lace, and I have plenty of pieces to prove it. A hot pink sheer lace dress is one of my favorites. It was a thrifted item that I bought a while back. It has been my only swimsuit cover-up since then. I never thought to wear it as an out-of-town outfit. I had no idea what to wear underneath sheer clothing or how to style it.

The sheer lace dress by Vanessa Hudgens was on display at Valentino’s fall 2022 fashion show in Paris. It was worn over a pair if hot pants by Vanessa Hudgens, which caught my eye because of its subtle sexiness. It was something I never imagined myself doing. I’m now a fan of the trend. It was also popularized at the 2022 Met Gala.

However, I am not someone who is bold enough to step out of my comfort zone. If you’re looking for some styling tips to help you style a sheer lace dress like I am, here are some of my favorite stylists.

It will be eclectic if you mix and match

Lace is feminine and elegant. If you want to create a unique look, add lace pieces to your ensemble. Your foundation pieces (aka undergarments) should be neutral. A solid bralette with shorts or a high waisted brief is a good choice. But, you can play with your accessories. Joanna Angeles, head stylist at Tobi tells us that contrast colored cowboy boots with an oversized light to medium wash denim jacket will give you a casual western look perfect for daytime. She suggests that you style in warmer weather by letting the sleeves of your jacket fall to your elbows, and finishing the look with a structured, bright-colored handbag and chunky, silver jewelry. This will create an outfit that “encapsulates spring/summer.”

Channel A Different Decade

Andrea Bernholtz is a fashion and style expert who founded Swiminista. She says, “Think Bigger” when it comes to styling sheer lace dresses for parties. Her style inspiration? Madonna of the 1980s in a lace tunic worn over jeans or leggings and a leather jacket or denim jacket.

Accept the Ethereal Vibes

Franki Ray founders, Stacey George, and Sasha Spivey associate lace to elements of tranquility, nature’s beauty, and an aesthetic that is all their own. Keep things simple and add a few vintage pieces, avoid large items “so that everything flows.”

Combine Aesthetics

Your personal style should be experimented with. If you aren’t sure which style to choose, there is no need to be rigid. Soneca Guadara, a celebrity stylist, says that a sheer lace gown can be worn for both.

A moto jacket and skater sneakers could be easily layered with a slip and bodysuit made of lingerie. She says the key to any combination of contrasting aesthetics is to “find the delicate balance between chic, fashion-forward, and stylish.”

For formalwear, keep foundation layers neutral

Guadara suggests a nude-tone, or neutral-colored slip dress to give you the right amount coverage.

However, don’t be afraid to use color in your life

Guadara states that there is an unwritten rule that says people must wear the same color as their outfit. She says that this rule should be broken. Guadara told InStyle that you should choose a color contrast if your goal is to make a statement and stand out. Consider neon undergarments and a lacey slip that isn’t matched with your dress.

Layer over swimwear

Swimsuits and sheer lace dresses make great partners. Lisa Sanchez, The Nines stylist is here to help. They make cute, fashionable, and fun cover-ups. Because they are so easy to wear, they can also be easily slipped into your bag. They dry quickly, she says. Translation: You should consider sheer lace dresses as your new vacation staple.

Take a Page from Bridgerton’s book

A corset is a must. Kennedy Bingham, creator of Gown Eyed Girl and stylist, says that layering a brightly-colored corset over a sheer lace gown will give your ensemble some structure and break up the lace. Be sure that the regencycore staple doesn’t restrict your movement. You want to be able to move as freely in the dress as you would if you were wearing it alone.

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